Additions to KDnuggets Directory in September

Luminoso, Quadbase, Skyttle, Vitria, Zoomdata, and more companies, datasets, education, Big Data and Analytics meetings, software, and solutions added to KDnuggets.

Date: Oct 01, 2013

New entries for companies, datasets, education, meetings, software, solutions.

In Companies :: Cloud Analytics and SaaS

  • SQLstream award-winning streaming Big Data engine is a distributed SQL platform for real-time data management and operational intelligence.

In Companies :: Consulting

  • Yotta Customer Analytics, specializing in helping organizations use customer related data to improve customer focused decision making at every level.

In Companies :: Products

  • Lavastorm, offers the Lavastorm Analytics Engine, Lavastorm Fraud Manager and Lavstorm Spend Analyzer to analyze, optimize, and control data and processes.
  • Quadbase, provides software and services for data visualzation, BI dashboards, reporting, R programming and predictive analytics.

In Datasets :: APIs, Marketplaces, and Platforms

  • Handshake, an app and a website that allows you to negotiate a price for your personal data directly with the companies that want to buy it.

In Education :: Europe

In Education :: Online and web-based

In Education :: USA/Canada

In Meetings

In Software :: BI, Database and OLAP

  • EXASOL AG, a leading supplier of in-memory data warehouse solutions, and analytical platform for Big Data, with fastest database on TPC-H benchmark.
  • Quadbase, provides custom BI, data visualization and data analytic solutions.

In Software :: Suites

  • AdvancedMiner Professional, (formerly Gornik), provides a wide range of tools for data transformations, Data Mining models, data analysis and reporting.

In Software :: Text Analysis, Text Mining and Information Retrieval

  • Luminoso, ontology-free text analytics solution, led by some of the top research scientists at the MIT Media Lab.
  • Skyttle API, a SaaS platform for sentiment analysis and keyword extraction. Supports English, French, German and Russian. See online demo at
  • Datumbox, a free API and many functions for Sentiment Analysis, Language Detection, Topic Classification and easily building intelligent apps.
  • FreeLing, an open source language analysis tool suite, GNU GPL.

In Software :: Web Content Mining, Screen Scraping

  • Darcy Ripper, a powerful pure Java multi-platform web crawler with great work load and speed capabilities, with an separate easy-to-use GUI for downloading web resources. Free download.

In Solutions :: CRM

  • Vitria, Operational Intelligence, Complex-Event Processing, and BPM solutions.

In Solutions :: Data Cleansing and Cleaning

  • DedupeYourData, online data deduplication tool for finding duplicates in Excel and data marketing lists.

In Solutions :: Health and Human Resources

  • Enkata provides employee performance optimization solutions that give insights into patterns of behavior that limit productivity or lower quality.

In Solutions :: Real-Time Decisioning

  • Zoomdata, offering Real Time Analytics, stream processing engine, interactive D3 visualizations, advanced, no-ETL architecture and an easy and powerful Interface.