BBVA Innova Data Mining Challenge

First time ever a bank (BBVA) allows developers and researchers to use anonymized card transaction data to design new services, applications and content, and to creating stunning visualizations.

Innova Challenge Big DataInnova Challenge Big Data

BBVA announces the first international competition aimed at the developer community, which it invites to design new services, applications and content based on dissociated card transaction data obtained from an API that the bank will provide. How to take part.

The data available is very rich and would be of interest to the community doing research and applications in the fields of smart cities, social networks, geomarketing, mobility, etc.

First prize in each category: 15000 euros

Registration is open now and you have until December 3, 2013 to submit your application.

For more information, visit

Thanks to Esteban Moro Egido, Dept. Mathematics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,, for the tip on this challenge.