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Boston Data Festival, Nov 4-10

Boston first-ever Data Festival brings together the meetup community, entrepreneurs, VCs and others to highlight our data-centric scene.

Boston Fall Data Festival
Boston Fall Data Festival

November 4-10

Festival opens on November 4 at Hyatt Regency Cambridge

  • 6:15 PM: Dr. William Kahn, Keynote
  • 7 PM: Boston All-Star Data Panel
  • 8 PM: Network Social

Other events include

Date Day Venue Session 1 Session 2
11/05 Tue hack/reduce Mining Highly Imbalanced Data 7:30 start. Two talks: (1) Secure, Scalable NoSQL for Real-Time Apps; and (2) Schemaless SQL
11/05 Tue DataXu Using Data & Analytics to Solve Marketing's Toughest Challenges Social Hour!
11/06 Wed CIC Data Vis 101: Principles for Design Humanizing Big Data with Data Visualization
11/06 Wed hack/reduce Converting Text to Data Predicting Diabetes from a Relational Database of Medical Records
11/07 Thu Fidelity Deep Learning - The Future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Predicting Stock Prices with Maximum Accuracy
11/07 Thu hack/reduce Ignite Data Boston Ignite Data Boston
11/08 Fri hack/reduce Data Science Careers Startup Showcase
11/08 Fri Microsoft NERD Using API's to Analyze Boston and Silicon Valley's Meetup Ecosystems API Tutorial and the Programmable Web


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