Circle of Trust and Google Plus

Circle of Trust measures how asymmetric is your Google+ relationship network, and we give you ways to visualize it with D3.

Guest post by Prasad Kothari, Oct 5, 2013.

Circle of Trust is an interesting concept that can be computed for Google+.

Consider two questions:

  • How asymmetric is your relationship network at Google Plus?
  • Is there a way to visualize how each person is using and constructing this social environment?

With these two questions in mind, D3 is giving you a good real example of how the brand new Google+ API can be used now at its early stages. The idea came from something that Jack Byrnes, character of the movie Meet the Parents, likes to call The Circle of Trust. With a free interpretation of Jack's theory, D3 made a simple algorithm to visualize who are the people that are inside your circle of trust and who are the people out.

It all boils down to this: Green are the people you have circled and they have circled you back, yellow is for people that you cared to circle but they didn't, and red is for people that have circled you but you didn't care to circle back.

The Circle of Trust is an interface data-visualization experiment using Google+ API and HTML5.

Some examples are:

Google+ Circle of Trust

Here is where you can build your circle of trust:

So far Circle of Trust is applicable only for Google+.

Prasad Kothari is experienced analytics professional. He has done B.E. from V.J.T.I. and M.S. in MIS from University of Arizona. He has worked extensively with clients such as Merck, Sanofi Aventis, Freddie Mac, Fractal Analytics, US Government and National Institute of Health on various social media and analytics projects. His research has been previously published in American journal of psychology and Drug Abuse. He has also written books on social media analytics.

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