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Kaggle: See Click Predict Fix

What makes an issue urgent? What do citizens really care about? How much does location matter? Predict the most pressing 311 topics.

See Click Predict FixSee Click Predict Fix

Predict which 311 issues are most important to citizens

This competition is the successor to the See Click Predict Fix Hackathon.

The purpose of both competitions is to quantify and predict how people will react to a specific 311 issue. What makes an issue urgent? What do citizens really care about? How much does location matter? Being able to predict the most pressing 311 topics will allow governments to focus their efforts on fixing the most important problems. The data set for the competitions contains several hundred thousand 311 issues from four cities.

For those who are more interested in using the data for visualization or "non-predictive" data mining, we have added a $500 visualization prize. You may submit as many entries as you wish via the Visualization page. If you're plotting issues on maps, displaying the text in some meaningful way, or making any other creative use of the data, save it and post it!

About 311
311 is a mechanism by which citizens can express their desire to solve a problem the city or government by submitting a description of what needs to be done, fixed, or changed. In effect, this provides a high degree of transparency between government and its constituents. Once an issue has been established, citizens can vote and make comments on the issue so that government officials have some degree of awareness about what is the most important issue to address.

SeeClickFix 311 mechanism

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