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SiSense Crowd Accelerated Analytics

SiSense unveils Crowd Accelerated Analytics, which gets faster with more users, who benefit from each other queries. SiSense showcases In-Chip 2.0 technology at Strata + Hadoop World and opens NYC headquarters.

New York City, NY - October 28, 2013. SiSenseSiSense, the Big Data Analytics Company, announced the opening of its offices on Wall Street and unveiled new patent-pending In-Chip 2.0 technology with Crowd Accelerated AnalyticsTM. This innovation to SiSense Prism provides business users with faster query results as loads increase. It also allows businesses to scale to thousands of simultaneous users on a single box.

Crowd Accelerated Analytics is the only big data analytics technology to speed up as the number of users increases. Traditional BI tools rely on caching technology that only works well when repeat queries are identical, but business users do not often ask identical questions. SiSense Prism is able to speed up by learning from results of similar but not identical queries.

In SiSense blog, CEO Amit Bendov, describes it this way:

Instead of looking for identical queries like other caching systems we look for similar queries with 80% overlap in the instructions. Every query is broken down into a very large tree structure and we look if this tree has sub-trees that are identical or similar to other queries. It's actually a learning system that stores all the answers to the most difficult question.

The Technology Behind Crowd Accelerated Analytics
Crowd Accelerated Analytics adds a significant scale boost to SiSense's unique In-Chip technology, which already surpasses traditional In-Memory when it comes to analyzing massive amounts of data. Prism includes a high-performance database, ETL capabilities and beautiful interactive visualizations.

SiSense Prism features Include:

  • Ability to analyze 100x more data than RAM based in-memory solutions, 10X faster.
  • Runs on commodity, "off-the-shelf" hardware
  • Comes with Out-of-The-Box Web based visualizations based on HTML 5 and JavaScript
  • New visualizations including Scatter Map, Area Map, Scatter Chart, Point Chart, Radar Chart, Polar Charts, Wind Rose, Spider Web, Polar, Radar, Range Chart, Bar, Column, Funnel and many others.
  • Provides automatic extraction ("ETL") from all major databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, Teradata, PostgreSQL and Intuit QuickBase, and applications like, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, Zendesk and Intuit QuickBooks, and data from Hadoop/Hive, Amazon Redshift, Heroku PostgreSQL and SAP (beta).
  • New SQL HTTP API SQL queries against the ElastiCube. Enables users to use SQL to query the ElastiCube for their own applications (results can be obtained in JSON or as CSV format).

Download a free trial version of the software at

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