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Society of Data Miners to launch at PAW London

New Society of Data Miners will be launched at Predictive Analytics World, London on 23 Oct 2013. It will have to compete with SIGKDD, INFORMS, and other groups in this field.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Oct 20, 2013.

The new organization, called the

Society of Data MinersSociety of Data Miners, which aims to be a new professional body for the field of data mining and analytics, will be launched at Predictive Analytics World in London on 23rd October 2013.

The founding directors of SocDM are UK analytics/data mining professionals Tom Khabaza (chairman), Rick Adderley, Chris Hemmingway, Andy Pryke and Duncan Ross.

The Society of Data Miners is established a non-profit organisation, with the goal to:

  • Increase the benefits of data mining to society;
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the nature and benefits of data mining;
  • Advance the profession of data mining;
  • Form a community of and for data miners.

Find more about the Society of Data Miners or to join them at

Notably, this UK-based society wants to unite "Data Miners", while in the US the more fashionable terms are "Analytics professionals" and "Data Scientists". See more on the evolution of Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science and other related terms in my presentation Analytics Industry Overview: To Big Data and Beyond!.

SocDM joins other organizations in this field, notably:

  • SIGKDD, the first professional society for the science of knowledge discovery and data mining, founded in 1999 by leading researchers including Usama Fayyad, Won Kim, and Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro. SIGKDD main activity is organizing annual KDD conference.
  • INFORMS, which recently has been moving shifting its original operations research focus towards much bigger involvement with analytics. In 2013 INFORMS introduced CAP: Certified Analytics Professional , the first certification in this field.
  • Data Scientist Association, created in 2013 by Michael Walker of RoseBT technologies, with an initial focus on a Code Of Professional Conduct for data scientists. Such code, however, did not appeal to many - see the results of KDnuggets Poll: Should there be a Data Scientist Pledge?.

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