Webcast, a Primer on Predictive Analytics for Business, Oct 8

Watch a Primer on Predictive Analytics for Business webinar (Oct 8) and learn how affordable CUNY Online MS in Data Analytics can help you excel in data science.

CUNY Online MS in Data Analytics at CUNY SPS
Free Webinar: A Primer on Predictive Analytics for Business Tuesday, Oct 8, 2013, 10:30 am PT, 1:30 pm ET

Organizations throughout the world are constantly searching for ways to make smarter business decisions based on the actual needs of their current or potential customers. A number of businesses with a strong online presence have implemented predictive analysis tools and models to help them plan for future outcomes based on past trends. For example,

  • Social media networks take users' connections and the things they "follow" to recommend new connections
  • Credit card companies review the spending and payment habits of their cardholders to determine if their customers are headed for financial trouble
  • Healthcare units capture patient data to help them take pre-emptive action before the onset of a life-threatening event

The CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) will hold a webinar titled
A Primer on Predictive Analytics for Business on Tue, October 8, 1:30-3:30 pm ET, which will use specific business cases to cover:

  • Strategic use of predictive analytics for reaching organizational goals and targets
  • Concepts, trends and models in predictive analytics
  • Integrating social media in predictive models
  • Key algorithms used in predictive modeling

Join this webinar to hear Dean Whittaker - founder, president and CEO of Whittaker Associates - discuss this growing industry trend, and learn how the Online M.S. in Data Analytics from CUNY SPS can help you excel within the data science field.

About the Presenter:
Dean WhittakerDean Whittaker is founder, president and CEO of Whittaker Associates. In 1987 Dean founded Whittaker Associates, Inc., to serve the business intelligence needs of economic development organizations and commercial/industrial real estate firms. Dean's academic credentials are from the University of Illinois and Illinois State University, where he studied engineering and business administration. In addition, he has taught applied information technology for economic development for 23 years at the Economic Development Institute of the University of Oklahoma.