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Date: Nov 01, 2013

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In Companies :: Cloud Analytics and SaaS

  • Semantria, a user friendly text and sentiment analysis API with free Microsoft Excel text mining add-in.

In Companies :: Consulting

  • Altius, specializes in the design and building of business-critical information systems that enhance business intelligence (BI) and performance management.
  • Analytics Trainings, offering online and on-site courses on Business Analytics, Data Mining, SAS, Retail/Credit Risk/CRM Analytics, and more. India.
  • AsiaAnalytics (formerly SPSS China), offering data mining and analytics solutions and services in Asia. Shanghai, China.
  • Evolutionary Systems (ES) provides consulting services for business and government, including intelligent Decision Support Systems (DSS) software based on machine learning. Saudi Arabia.

In Companies :: Products

  • BurgSys, offers software products for image mining, audio analysis and video analysis.
  • Pantheon OS from Foxfire, offering ambient price scanning and firmware technologies.
  • QuantCell, a big data spreadsheet and end-user programming environment for data scientists and domain experts.

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In Education :: Online and web-based

  • SNHU Online BS in Data Analytics from Southern New Hampshire University, combines data mining and structure with modeling and communication, and teaches SAS and SQL modeling techniques.
  • SNHU Online MS in Data Analytics from Southern New Hampshire University, teaches the advanced skills needed to assess risk, operate more efficiently and compete across a wide array of industries from business and finance to education and government.

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In Software :: Audio and Video Mining

In Software :: Bayesian Networks and Bayesian Classifiers

  • Chordalysis, a log-linear analysis method for big data, which exploits recent discoveries in graph theory by representing complex models as compositions of triangular structures (aka chordal graphs).

In Software :: Statistics

  • Statistics Solutions Pro, simplifies your Data Analysis process to 4 easy steps.
  • Develve has no deep hidden menus, everything is directly accessible and the results are directly visible.

In Software :: Text Analysis, Text Mining and Information Retrieval

  • NetOwl (from SRA International), multilingual text and entity analytics: extracts entities, links, and events, performs name matching and identity resolution, assigns latitude/longitude to geographical references, translates names in foreign languages, and performs sentiment analysis.