Big Data Influencers Q4 2013

Onalytica 2013 Q4 list of #BigData Influencers on Tweeter is led by @KirkDBorne, @jameskobielus, @timoelliott, @BernardMarr, and @kdnuggets. We compare their list with Klout and find only one intersection among top influencers.

Gregory Piatetsky, Nov 15, 2013.

Onalytica has done an interesting analysis of Big Data influencers on Tweeter.

They took the tweets for the last 6 months containing the hashtag #BigData and treated mentions of other tweeters as a link. This initial network was made up of about 150,000 nodes. After removing isolated components, they ranked the nodes by PageRank.

The methodology is different from their previous Big Data ranking based on Betweenness Centrality. Onalytica says that Betweenness Centrality puts connectors higher, but they found that PageRank more effectively highlights the real influencers in the network.

Of course, no two rankings will be exactly the same, so for comparison I also added Klout, which considers not only Tweeter, but also Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks. Here are the top 20 entries in Onalytica list.

Name Twitter Twitter
1 Kirk Borne @KirkDBorne 6,643 65
2 James Kobielus @jameskobielus 10,624 55
3 Timo Elliott @timoelliott 10,768 64
4 Bernard Marr @BernardMarr 67,792 68
5 Gregory Piatetsky @kdnuggets 14,395 67
6 Thor Olavsrud @ThorOlavsrud 1,083 51
7 Phil Simon @philsimon 3,908 64
8 Brian Eastwood @Brian_Eastwood 2,420 60
9 R Ray Wang @rwang0 41,075 70
10 E.G.Nadhan @NadhanAtHP 621 52
11 Mike Gualtieri @mgualtieri 37,263 59
12 Steve Lucas @nstevenlucas 4,152 58
13 Doug Laney @Doug_Laney 15,539 66
14 Natasha Bishop @Natasha_D_G 1,526 62
15 Doug Henschen @DHenschen 3,078 60
16 Michael Cavaretta @mjcavaretta 2,040 56
17 Kenneth Cukier @kncukier 3,548 56
18 V Mayer-Schonberger @Viktor_MS 1,095 51
19 Joab Jackson @Joab_Jackson 4,418 57
20 Sharon Machlis @sharon000 2,024 60

For comparison, here are Klout Top Big Data Influencers
Klout Top Big Data Influencers
, as of Nov 15, 2013.

We only see one name in common between Onalytica and Klout lists, which I am pleased to note is @kdnuggets.

The chart below shows there is no correlation between Onalytica rank and Klout. Big Data Influencers, Klout vs Onalytica, 2013 Q4

Here is Onalytica full list of 200 top Big Data influencers.