Booz Allen “Field Guide to Data Science” – free download

The guide includes an introductory section, the practitioners guide to Data Science, a first hand account of life as a Data Scientist, tips and tricks, and an overview of successful data science solutions. Free Download.

Booz Allen Hamilton created The Field Guide to Data ScienceThe Field Guide to Data Science to help organizations understand how to make use of data as a resource. The text spells out what Data Science is and why it matters to organizations as well as how to create Data Science teams. Along the way, Booz Allen experts provide field-tested approaches, personal tips and tricks, and real-life case studies.

The Field Guide to Data Science includes:

  • Start Here for the Basics provides an introduction to Data Science, including what makes Data Science unique from other analysis approaches.
  • Take Off the Training Wheels is the practitioners guide to Data Science. It describes Booz Allen process for decomposing complex Data Science problems - the Fractal Analytic Model, and concludes with the Guide to Analytic Selection to help select the right analytic techniques.
  • Life in the Trenches gives a first hand account of life as a Data Scientist, shares insights on a variety of Data Science topics through case studies, and tips and tricks from real-life analytic challenges.
  • Putting it All Together highlights Booz Allen successes creating Data Science solutions for clients, and follows several projects from data to insights to impact.

Booz Allen Hamilton provides of Data Science solutions for clients across a variety of industries including health, finance, and national security.

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