IBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook

New book by leading analytics professionals shows how to get the most from IBM SPSS Modeler, using detailed step-by-step examples to help you build the models you can deploy in your business.

IBM SPSS Modeler CookbookIBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook,
by Keith McCormick, Dean Abbott, Meta S. Brown, Tom Khabaza, and Scott R. Mutchler

Paperback : 382 pages
Packt Publishing, October 2013
ISBN: 1849685460.

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  • Go beyond mere insight and build models than you can deploy in the day to day running of your business
  • Save time and effort while getting more value from your data than ever before
  • Loaded with detailed step-by-step examples that show you exactly how it's done by the best in the business


  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Data Understanding
  • Chapter 2: Data Preparation - Select
  • Chapter 3: Data Preparation - Clean
  • Chapter 4: Data Preparation - Construct
  • Chapter 5: Data Preparation - Integrate and Format
  • Chapter 6: Selecting and Building a Model
  • Chapter 7: Modeling - Assessment, Evaluation, Deployment,
    and Monitoring
  • Chapter 8: CLEM Scripting
  • Appendix: Business Understanding