October Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining companies and startups activity

The October 2013 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: Monsanto buys Climate Corp for $1.1B, MongoDB raises $150M, Facebook buys Onavo, Pivotal buys Xtreme Labs.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Nov 7, 2013.

Here is the company, startup, and acquisition activity for October 2013 from @kdnuggets. See the latest under hashtag #BigDataCo .

  • Health care analytics startup Predilytics raises $4.5M, provides data-as-a-service for health care #BigDataCo bit.ly/17wlcCe
  • Monsanto buys Climate Corporation for $1.1B - it uses machine learning, #BigData to predict agro-weather #BigDataCo tcrn.ch/1f0Aunf
  • Plaid, financial startup raised $2.8 M, offers API to banking industry to simplify Bank Data Mining #BigDataCo bit.ly/19ZGQgO
  • MongoDB raises $150M, becomes King of NYC Startups With $1.2 B Valuation #BigDataCo bloom.bg/19qlpmU
  • Numerify raises $8 M Series A to transform Business Analytics in the Cloud #BigDataCo bit.ly/18XVx5K
  • Twitter IPO filing reveals a lucrative Data Mining business - it earned $47.5M selling data, analytics #BigDataCo on.wsj.com/15i9Occ
  • DomiKnow, Des Moines-based personalized marketing startup, raises $9M in a private placement #BigDataCo dmreg.co/1a8F0sO
  • Pursway, Israeli/US developer of Big Data Marketing Analytics, raises $7.2M #BigDataCo bit.ly/17TB7KZ
  • Refresh app, which instantly data mines and briefs you on people you meet, raises $10M #BigDataCo bit.ly/GUh5pj2
  • Acxiom, customer data and analytics company, announces $600 Million refinancing #BigDataCo yhoo.it/165JmoJ
  • Facebook buys Onavo Israeli start-up, maker of data compression sw, analytic services for smartphone apps #BigDataCo nyti.ms/19J5LDe
  • Logi Analytics, the authority on embedded analytics, gets $27.5M for expansion into new markets #BigDataCo bit.ly/17H2Lqi
  • Silverback Enterprise Group buys Kalido, a leading provider of agile data warehousing and MDM solutions #BigDataCo bit.ly/1aS1SOS
  • Big Data analytics platform ParStream gets $8M round, offers businesses real-time data analysis #BigDataCo bit.ly/19QYvYf
  • NoSQL vendor Sqrrl gets $5.2M from top VCs to commercialize NSA-developed Accumulo database #BigDataCo buff.ly/1adtSOP
  • In-Store Analytics firm Nomi raises $10M, looks beyond retail #BigDataCo on.mash.to/1gRZbSn
  • CCTV Analytics firm Prism Skylabs raises $15M, uses CCTV video to provide real-world analytics to shops #BigDataCo buff.ly/HlKfi62
  • Intuit acqui-hires data science consulting firm Level Up Analytics #BigDataCo buff.ly/1iilY7A
  • Keen IO raises $2.35M for Its platform, "the API for Custom Analytics" #BigDataCo buff.ly/1c3SIQG
  • CoolaData, Israeli firm providing behavioral Big Data Analytics as a Service, raises $7.4M #BigDataCo buff.ly/HjNrLb30 clicks
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt buys Choice Analytics, specializing in analytics & integration for education #BigDataCo buff.ly/16Ien2n
  • TempoDB #BigData startup raised $3.2M, makes cloud-based DB for sensors and measurement data #BigDataCo bit.ly/1adeUoE
  • Pivotal buys Xtreme Labs for $65M, adds mobile platform to its strengths in Cloud, Big Data, and Analytics #BigDataCo bit.ly/1griJwF
  • Cirro raises $8M Series A, enables on-the-fly access, exploration, and analysis across many data sources #BigDataCo bit.ly/16xzCSE

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