TDWI Launches Big Data Maturity Model Assessment Guide, Online Test

Online assessment and downloadable assessment guide enable organizations to determine the maturity of their big data analytics program; guide offers best practices for moving to the next level. Take the assessment free, online.

SEATTLE, WA, November 20, 2013. TDWITDWI introduced today a big data maturity online assessment tool that enables organizations to objectively measure the maturity of an enterprise's big data analytics program across five dimensions that are key to deriving value from big data analytics: organization, infrastructure, data management, analytics, and governance.

After completing the more than 75 assessment questions online, a user receives a score that evaluates where the organization is along its big data path: nascent, pre-adoption, early adoption, corporate adoption, and mature/visionary. As organizations progress through these five stages, they gain more value from their big data investments.

Questions in the online tool are weighted differently depending on their relative importance to an enterprise's maturity. Because organizations can be at different maturity levels in each of these five dimensions, the tool scores each section separately and provides an overall score. Additional questions, although not scored, are used for best practices guidance.

The first section of the associated "companion" assessment guide provides an overview of each of the five stages and offers context for interpreting the user's scores. The second section helps organizations evaluate their benchmark scores and provides best practices to help an enterprise move to the next stage.

Fern Halper, director of TDWI Research for advance analytics and co-author of the assessment guide, said

"The amount of time that users spend in the early adoption phase is often longer than the other phases. Though the stages of the maturity model may appear to be discrete, the reality is that companies don't necessarily move from one stage to the next in such a clean fashion. For example, an organization might be advanced in one aspect of big data, such as its infrastructure, but relatively immature in its management strategy".

You can take the online assessment at

There will also be a webinar: Introducing the TDWI Big Data Maturity Model, by Fern Halper, TDWI Research Director and Krish Krishnan, Founder, Sixth Sense Advisors on Feb 11, 2014.

5 Big Data Stages of MaturityThe guide also maps out the stages of maturity:

  • Nascent, which represents a pre-big data environment; most companies here are exploring the concept of analytics but have not yet started to explore advanced analytics
  • Pre-adoption, during which an organization starts to "do its homework" regarding big data analytics; organizations may have invested in new technology, such as Hadoop, in preparation for big data initiatives
  • Early adoption, when one or two proofs of concept may be ready for production; organizations tend to spend a long time in this stage before crossing the chasm to corporatewide adoption of big data analytics
  • Corporate adoption, the major crossover phase in the big data journey, during which end users get involved, gain insights, and transform how they do business
  • Mature/visionary, in which organizations are executing big data programs as a well-oiled machine using highly tuned infrastructure with a well-established program and data governance strategies; only a few enterprises make it to this stage

The development of the TDWI Big Data Maturity Model Guide was sponsored by Cloudera, IBM, MarkLogic and Pentaho.

Users can take the online assessment anonymously and without charge at

For more information, visit or on Twitter @TDWI.