Webinar: Predictive Analytics – Customer Churn Modeling, Dec 3

This webinar will show how to build a churn model, which allows you to identify customers with high churn risk, and act to proactively to keep them.

Webinar: Predictive Analytics - Customer Churn Modeling

Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013, 2-3 pm ET

Churn models are used to predict each customer's likelihood of stopping usage of your products and/or services. By knowing which customers are of high churn risk, you can act to proactively retain those customers. In this webinar we'll give a high level overview of building a churn model. Starting with the data needed, the presenter will discuss the basics of creating a modeling dataset, transforming variables, and building a churn model utilizing logistic regression. The Rapid Insight Analytic Suite will be used to demonstrate the model building process.

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