AnalyticsWeek 200 Thought Leaders in Big Data and Analytics

AnalyticsWeek produces the list of 200 Thought Leaders on Tweeter in Big Data and Analytics, which includes the usual suspects but also new names.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Dec 24, 2013.

Although 200 Leaders sounds like too many, here is the AnalyticsWeek list of top 200 Thought Leaders in the field of Big Data and Analytics.

Marketing to Top LeadersTheir methodology was based on looking at thought leaders via Kred, Klout and PeekYou. Then, they searched for certain keywords in twitter and captured twitter suggestions for accounts on those specific keywords. This lead to a consolidated list of 5,000 active twitter accounts. After eliminating business (why?) and non-English accounts, they reduced the count to ~2,000. Afterwards, they looked for accounts that are leaders in more than 1 keyword area and gave them a higher score. Finally, some ad hoc data mining, produced top 200 accounts. The analysis was done by Deeksha Joshi, @d3eksha.

My random sampling of the list finds that most are indeed either experts in Analytics and Big Data, or work for companies in the field, with addition of people from adjacent fields, like Data Quality or MDM.

For other such lists see kdnuggets Voted the Best Big Data Twitter Account, Big Data Republic.

Here is the AnalyticsWeek list, in alphabetical order.