Red Button Solver Self-service big data analytics

RedButtonSolver shows how to get insight from your data without a PhD in Statistics, by following 3 simple steps and giving you answers, including great visualizations, to 5 key business questions.

By Roberto Battiti, Dec 2, 2013.

Red Button
Self-service big data analytics. demonstrates that you do not need a PhD in Math or Statistics to get insight from your data. No distracting and embarrassing question about algorithms are asked in the process (like: "Do you prefer SVM or MLP"?), only questions related to the business goals.

The three steps to use the service are as follows.

Step 1: Load your data. Deriving insight by machine learning and optimization starts from your data. The file must be in a CSV (comma-separated values) format, a simple table with columns identifying the attributes, rows containing data for the different cases.

Step 2. Choose your goal. RedButtonSolver automatically finds hidden relationships in your data, you only have to select the output value to be predicted, and the attributes that identify potential causes for your output.

Step 3. Get Insight. Wait for our e-mail with a complete report containing non-trivial relationships within your data and other useful insight.

Different methods and parameters are tested in the cloud (use of 1,000 different CPUs or more is not uncommon) and the best results are reported after 24 hours to answer the following questions:

Question 1: How accurate is the prediction?

Question 2: What are the main causes determining the predicted output? RedButtonSolver: What are the main causes determining the predicted output

Question 3: What are the input values causing a specific output value?

Question 4: How is the output predicted? (rules in a tree classifier)

RedButtonSolver: What are the main causes determining the predicted output

Question 5: How are the different cases confused with each other?

State of the art visualizations inserted in the final report complete the service.

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