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  • Poll Results: How long to become a good data scientist - Jan 29, 2013.
    KDnuggets readers think it takes about 5 years to become a good data scientist, with AU/NZ taking the longest view and Latin American analysts the most optimistic. Asia, North America, and Western Europe show surprising unanimity. Developing the analytic intuition, learning to automate, and data cleansing are among the top obstacles.
  • GEQuest: 2 Big Data Science Quests on Kaggle - Jan 18, 2013.
    GEQuest: focusing on making flying more efficient, and improve the patient experience, 2 big quests have $350,000 in prizes, and are a great opportunity for Data Scientists, Data Visualizers, Lean Startups, and App Designers to show their stuff. Hurry - deadlines in February!
  • Free Online Training with Preorder of a major new Predictive Analytics book - Jan 28, 2013.
    In this rich, entertaining book "Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die", former Columbia U. professor and Predictive Analytics World founder Eric Siegel reveals the power and perils of prediction. Take advantage of this unique order - free online training with preorder of the book.
  • Big Data Impact on Your Earnings: 2012 Data Professional Salary Survey Results - Jan 17, 2013.
    How will the Big Data trend impact your job security and earnings? Find out answers to these and many other questions in the 2012 Data Professional Salary Survey, available at no cost but for a limited time.
  • Webinar (Jan 31): Maximize the value of customer data - Jan 16, 2013.
    Join the panel of experts for a discussion on data analytics for lifetime one to one relationships with customers that optimize profitability; how to present data in an accessible format to make the right decisions in real-time; how new technologies are allowing fast and accurate analysis.
  • PAW - Predictive Analytics World, Apr 14-19, 2013, San Francisco - Jan 17, 2013.
    Catch case studies from premier organizations such as AAA, Dell, HP, IBM, Monster, Orbitz, Wells Fargo and more. From beginners to the most advanced, PAW features something for all who are seeking to expand their skills and learn the latest and greatest in analytics.
  • Big Data is Falling into the Trough of Disillusionment - Jan 24, 2013.
    Gartner Research Director uses the technology maturity curve to argue that Big Data is already falling into the trough of disillusionment. Many of her clients most advanced with Hadoop are getting disillusioned.
  • KDnuggets Cartoons on Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics - Jan 26, 2013.
    Here is a collection of KDnuggets and other cartoons taking a less serious look at Big Data, Data Mining, and Predictive Analytics.
  • Top news for Jan 20-26: Book: R and Data Mining; Big Data is Falling into the Trough of Disillusionment - Jan 27, 2013.
    Book: R and Data Mining: Examples and Case Studies; Big Data is Falling into the Trough of Disillusionment; KDnuggets Exclusive: Interview with Rayid Ghani, Chief Scientist Obama 2012 Campaign;
    Top jobs: Data Mining Research Analyst at WIL, Toronto; Statistics/Machine Learning Positions at ATnT Labs - Research
  • Top news for Jan 13-19: Exclusive: Interview with Rayid Ghani, Chief Scientist Obama 2012 Campaign - Jan 20, 2013.
    KDnuggets Exclusive: Interview with Rayid Ghani, Chief Scientist Obama 2012 Campaign; New Poll: How long does it take to become a good data scientist?;
    Top jobs: Applied Researcher at Microsoft; Data Analysis Consultant at Megaputer


  • Import.io automates online data scraping - Jan 28, 2013.
    Import.io uses point and click interface to reduce data extraction from days to minutes. Automatic normalisation allows mixing of data sources, making data instantly comparable and accessed through API calls, or spreadsheets.
  • Rexer Analytics 2013 Data Miner Survey - Jan 24, 2013.
    Data Analysts, Predictive Modelers, Data Scientists, Data Miners, and all other types of analytic professionals, students, and academics: Please participate in the Rexer Analytics 2013 Data Miner Survey.
  • BayesiaLab 5.1: Analytics, Data Mining, Modeling and Simulation - Jan 17, 2013.
    BayesiaLab raises the benchmark in the field of analytics and data mining. The improvements range from small practical features to entirely new visualization techniques that can transform your understanding of complex problems.
  • PMML FAQ: Predictive Model Markup Language - Jan 16, 2013.
    An update on PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language), de facto standard to represent predictive solutions. With PMML 4.1, all the capabilities available for data pre-processing were also made available for post-processing.

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  • Innocentive: Creative Use Cases of Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge - Jan 26, 2013.
    New use cases for Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge content, tools, and APIs to enable users to engage in creative new behaviors.
  • IEEE Geospatial Data Fusion Contest - Jan 21, 2013.
    The Contest, which helps connecting students and researchers around the world, evaluates existing methodologies at the research or operational level to solve remote sensing problems using data from various sensors.
  • BioNLP Shared Task: Text Mining for Biology Competition - Jan 19, 2013.
    The BioNLP Shared Task series represents a community-wide trend in text-mining for biology toward fine-grained information extraction (IE). Datasets are now available.
  • SBP 2013: Big Data Challenge - Jan 17, 2013.
    MIT Human Dynamics laboratory will supply several mobile datasets with dynamics of several communities. Open-ended challenge includes proposing applications to demonstrate the value of these datasets, how to extend the experiments, and agent-based or system dynamics models of the communities.


News Briefs

  • SAS achieves record revenue of $2.87 B in 2012 - Jan 25, 2013.
    Revenue grew worldwide despite continuing economic uncertainty. The Americas generated 47% of total revenue; Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) 41 percent; and Asia Pacific 12 percent. SAS reinvested 25 percent of 2012 revenue into research and development.
  • Global Big Data Market by 2018 - Jan 23, 2013.
    Global Big Data Market is expected to reach $48.3B by 2018; North America is expected to maintain its lead position in terms of revenues till 2018, with about 54.5% share, followed by Europe, but Asia-Pacific will grow the fastest.
  • RapidMiner 5.3: New analytics, data sources, marketplace - Jan 22, 2013.
    New RapidMiner delivers more powerful data analysis, access to more data sources, and ability to commercialize extensions via new marketplace.
  • DeveloperWeek Analytics Awards - Jan 18, 2013.
    Here are top innovators in Analytics-as-a-service, SQL Technologies, NoSQL, Big Data, Consumer Data, Hadoop, App Analytics, and Social Data, as chosen by DeveloperWeek community.

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Big Data is falling into the Trough of Disillusionment

Svetlana Sicular, Gartner Research Director, Jan 22, 2013 Blog