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  • TheWebMiner data extraction and web data mining tool - Jul 15, 2013.
    TheWebMiner has a simple interface designed for regular users, who send samples of items they want to extract and the engine tries to understand samples and give back all items with the same structure.
  • DataMind: FREE Online Interactive Learning Platform for R - Jul 14, 2013.
    Check an early stage beta, which offers an in-browser coding environment, exercise-based learning-by-doing, and aims to build a fun learning experience for data analysis and R, while allowing anyone to create courses! Enroll in the "Summer of R"


  • Webinar: Data Mining: Failure to Launch [July 18] - Jul 8, 2013.
    Learn how to get started with predictive modeling and overcome strategic and tactical limitations that cause data mining projects to fall short of their potential. Next webinar is July 18.
  • Upcoming July Webcasts on Analytics, Big Data, Data Science - Jul 16, 2013.
    Coming soon: Discovery analytics, Analytically Speaking, Survival Analysis, Data Discovery, Enterprise Informatics, When Hadoop Is Not Enough, Data Mining: Failure to Launch, and SciDB-Py.
  • Angoss Video Series: Customer Analytics Roadmap - Jul 16, 2013.
    Watch this 4-part best practices video series, focusing on Customer Segmentation, Customer Acquisition, Upsell/Cross Sell, and Next Product Recommendation and transform your big data for marketing and customer intelligence.

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  • Big Data Innovation Summit, Sep 12-13, Boston - Jul 11, 2013.
    The Big Data Innovation Summit in Boston provides the ideal platform to discuss challenges with your peers - keeping you ahead of the curve. Get early bird passes by July 12.
  • HOW-TO Big Data TechCon, San Francisco, Oct 15-17 - Jul 9, 2013.
    Big Data How-to Conference: Attend Big Data TechCon, Oct 15-17 in San Francisco, and learn how to analyze, index, search and summarize your big data. See for special discount below - early bird rates until Aug 2.
  • 2013 IEEE Big Data Workshop Papers and Posters - Jul 8, 2013.
    The IEEE Int. Conference on Big Data 2013 is a major forum for the latest in Big Data Research, Development, and Applications. Submit poster and papers to 19 workshops (deadlines in late July/early August). Poster submissions due Aug 25.
  • KDD 2013 Industry Practice Expo, Aug 12-13 - Jul 3, 2013.
    Meet the industry leaders at KDD-2013 Industry Practice Expo, and learn about Kaggle, Hadoop from the trenches, Decide.com - to buy or not to buy, Analytics from Presidential Elections to Social Good, and using Big Data to solve small data problems.


  • Senior Information Architect / UX designer at Adtheorent, Toronto, Canada - Jul 15, 2013.
    Take a leadership role in designing and implementing our new real time data mining web application, and work collaboratively with engineers, product managers, executives, and other designers across the full software development lifecycle.
  • Statisticians at AIG, New York, NY - Jul 11, 2013.
    AIG Science team, part of Property Casualty business, consists of world class business minds and scientists and aims to drive transformational change through evidence-based decision making, solving complex business problems, and development of next generation modeling techniques.
  • Maps Senior Data Scientist at Apple, Cupertino, CA - Jul 4, 2013.
    Changing the world is all in a days work at Apple. Join the Maps Data Insights team and use Large Scale Data Mining and Machine Learning for improving Apple Maps.
  • Data Scientists and Machine Learning Researchers at GE Software, San Ramon, CA - Jul 3, 2013.
    Work with a world-class multidisciplinary team to develop and deploy scalable predictive, reasoning and data mining algorithms and software for diverse industrial applications, including anomaly detection, diagnostics & prognostics on sensor, video, imagery and text data.

Academic/Research positions



  • LionBook Chapter 4: Linear Models - Jul 12, 2013.
    The deep reason why linear models work well is the smoothness underlying many physical phenomena. So when confronted with a difficult problem, try linear equations first and you are likely to either solve it or at least come up with a workable approximation.
  • LionBook Chapter 3: Learning requires a method - Jul 10, 2013.
    Real learning is associated with extracting the deep and basic relationships in a phenomenon, with summarizing with short models a wide range of events, with unifying different cases by discovering the underlying explanatory laws. This chapter explains the bias-variance dilemma.
  • Analyzing the Analyzers - A Survey of Data Scientists - free ebook - Jul 9, 2013.
    Interesting patterns emerge from clustering their skills, activities, education, and self-identification. The report combines analytics results with insights and argues for the clearer communication around roles, teams, and careers.
  • MassTLC Big Data Summit Report: How Data Analytics Will Transform Our World - Jul 9, 2013.
    The MassTLC summit discussed connected cities, connected health, personalized medicine, and data mashups - how to derive customer value.
  • ebook: Instant Weka How-to - Jul 4, 2013.
    A practical guide with examples and applications of programming Weka in Java. Start with the basics and learn how to include Weka machinery in your Java application.

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The 10 Vs of big data are: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Variability, Veracity, Vulnerability, Value, Volume and Vol au Vent (Matt Aslett, @maslett)