BigML 2014 Winter Release: Faster, Easier, and more Programmatic Machine Learning

BigML was used to create over 600,000 predictive models in 2013; Winter 2014 release makes big advances in speed and programmability, and new development mode allows you to run unlimited tasks of up to 16 MB for FREE.

BigMLBigML post announced progress from 10,000 models in Jan 2013 to over 600,000 active predictive models by the end of 2013 (half in the last few weeks), and expects to have the millionth model created early in 2014.

BigML 2014 Winter release is a significant step forward in three directions:

  • Speed: you can now build a model in 1/8 of the time it previously took and also get fast, real-time predictions with BigML's PredictServer on AWS marketplace
  • Programmability: new API with programmatic means to filter, sample, or extend with new fields any dataset or list of datasets. Dozens of pre-built functions are already available and defining new functions is very easy. These transformations are enabled though a Lisp-like programming language named Flatline – for which BigML has open sourced the specification to enable broader engagement & innovation:
  • Data-driven decisions for everyone: BigML new development mode allows you to run unlimited tasks of up to 16 MB for FREE, making BigML the ideal framework to practice, teach, and learn machine learning or predictive analytics.

BigML predictive modes

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