DSE 400 Fast Track to Data Science, Free Online Course

This free online course will explore Machine Learning, Big Data Architecture, Analytics, and Evidence-Oriented Systems Engineering, and will offer mentorship from experts along with practical skills and techniques. Course starts Jan 19.

DSE 400 - Fast track to Data Science
DSE 400 - Fast track to Data Science

Course start: Jan 19, 2014.

This course/workshop will be followed by others focusing on R Language, Modern Data Platforms, Machine Learning and Advanced Techniques in Big Data Analytics etc. There are no pre-requisites for DSE 400 - it is open to all. Everyone is encouraged to apply to this program. Completing 4 (DSE 400 + 3 other) courses entails one to receive Masters-level certificate from Advanced Center of Excellence at Modern Renaissance.

For more details, please visit DSE Announcement Page: bit.ly/18zPE1j

To enroll for DSE 400 (Fast track to Data Science), visit soknocommunity.com/xoops/modules/xforms/?form_id=2

or send an email to datascience400@gmail.com.

Data Scientist Enablement (DSE) program is based on next-generation Social Learning paradigm offering Free and Open Online Education to train, empower and help advance aspiring individuals in the disciplines of Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics and Big Data Architecture.

Short Course Description
The course intends to explore Machine Learning, Big Data Architecture, Analytics, Evidence-Oriented Systems Engineering that empowers a well-rounded education, mentorship from experts along with practical skills and techniques. One of the Key aspects will be the analysis of how data science can help innovate to improve quality of life at large.

Topics include Machine Learning Algorithms, Statistical Inference, Data Analysis, Data at rest and in motion, Model Life Cycle, Meaning of Data, Data Engineering, Hadoop, R, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Visualization, Applications, Case Studies, variety of tools and techniques etc.

Here is also

Data Science Roadmap - Future Extensions A roadmap for Data Scientist Enablement program.

Prepare the learners to have set of T-shaped practical-skills emphasizing depth and breadth of a range of relevant disciplines and capabilities in Data Science. Our Philosophy is to employ open information, Open Courseware, Open Source Frameworks, tools and platforms, publications etc. rather than protected intellectual property. We balance this with the need of aspiring Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers to learn/master commercial platforms and tools.

As an introductory course for anyone (students,and practicing professionals, engineers as well as technical leaders), this will provide solid foundation in the context of data science.

Thanks to Dr. Mohan K. Bavirisetty, Chief Scientist at Modern Renaissance, for the link to this course.