IEEE Rock Stars of Big Data Presentations

This event, held at the Computer History Museum in Oct 2013, attracted a sold-out crowd who listened to 9 excellent speakers and leaders in the field - here are the presentations.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Jan 7, 2014.

IEEE Rock Stars of Big DataIEEE Rock Stars of Big Data was held at the Computer History Museum Oct 29, 2013. It was a sold-out event, with over 325 attendees who listened to 9 excellent speakers - see presentations below.

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Here are the summaries of the presentations:

The Human and Ethical Aspects of Big Data

"Information, once made digital, can never be called back," warns Grady Booch, chief scientist of software engineering at IBM Research. Watch as he explores the fascinating -- though seldom discussed -- human implications of big data.

The Industrial Internet

VP of software at GE, Bill Ruh talks about the foundational changes that big data is bringing to the industrial world through sensor data and the myriad real-time measurements that are now possible. He looks at the impact of collecting more data on every product than operations were designed to handle.

Big Data in Healthcare

Michael Johnson, director of utility for care data analysis at Kaiser Permanente, discusses the opportunities and challenges that the electronic medical record has enabled. Johnson describes how Kaiser is working to use the vast amount of data now available to drive improvements in healthcare and health administration.

Approaching Big Data as a Technical Computing Usage Model

Mark Seager, CTO for technical computing at Intel, discusses the amazing new capabilities that are spreading across industries and reshaping the world. Watch him describe the hardware and software underlying much of the parallel processing that drives the big data revolution.

Putting Big Data To Work
Bill Franks, chief analytics officer at Teradata, discusses the importance of making data add value in the enterprise. Collecting petabytes of data isn't the way to identify business problems to solve; but once you have a data source you think is valuable, the key is in how you use that data tactically to improve your efforts.

Building a Data Science Team from Scratch
Chris Pouliot, director of algorithms and analytics at Netflix, heads a team of data scientists who are using "data, math, and statistics" to drive business impact. He stresses the key skills and approaches needed to bring that sort of insight to your company.

The Fusion of Supercomputing and Big Data
Peter Ungaro, president and CEO of Cray, discusses how the issues that drive supercomputing are converging with those raised by big data.

Joshua Greenbaum: Imagineering Big Data
Industry analyst Joshua Greenbaum of Enterprise Applications Consulting talks about building and sustaining a culture of big data, bringing in lessons from the field and using case studies to showcase how to move from data collection to data analysis.

Building Big Data Processing Into Your Business
Google's engineering director Daniel Sturman describes the company's approach to leveraging the ubiquitous technologies that have made it possible to capture vast amounts of data. Watch him discuss the Google data center approach to using commodity components deployed at scale and see what elements of their approach might apply to your own company's circumstances.

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