New Poll: Data Science Skills – Individual vs Team Approach

Data Science positions and tasks need a rare combination of Statistics, Hacking, Database, Business, and other skills. New KDnuggets Poll is asking which approach is better for filling Data Science Positions - Individual or Team?

By Gregory Piatetsky, Jan 7, 2014.

Unicorn Data Scientist

Data Science positions (and tasks) usually need a combination of Statistics, Hacking, Database, Business, Presentation, and other skills. I know a few such such versatile ("unicorn") data scientists, but they are rare and there are not enough of them to fill the shortage of 140-190,000 people with deep analytical expertise and 1.5 million analytics managers/analysts, as projected by McKinsey (just for the US).

New KDnuggets Poll is asking: Which approach is better?
This poll has been closed, but here are the results of KDnuggets Poll:

Data Science Skills: Individual or Team approach?

This poll was prompted by a recent post on KDnuggets by Michael Mout What is Wrong with the Definition of Data Science which generated an intense discussion about whether it is possible to find data scientist that have all the needed skills or whether those roles are best filled by a team - see Unicorn Data Scientists vs Data Science Teams.

Michael Mout divided Data Science skills into 3 main areas: Math and Stats, Computing, and Data Bases.

The famous Data Science Venn Diagram proposed by Drew Conway in 2010, has somewhat different components:

  • Hacking Skills,
  • Math & Statistics, and
  • Domain/Business Knowledge.

What is your opinion on the best way to find and train data scientists with all the needed skills?