Free Tutorial: Data Science in Python

This Data Science in Python tutorial covers importing data, scikit-learn basics, aggregation and grouping, feature engineering, model evaluation, and deployment.

Here is are free tutorial notes by Greg Lamp, co-founder of Yhat, @YhatHQ on

Data Science in Python Data Science in Python.

This tutorial was originally given at DataGotham conference in New York City, Sep 2013, and was converted to a collection of IPython Notebooks.

The tutorial was published on github - see DataGotham2013 or you can also see it using nbviewer.

  1. Tools Overview
  2. Case Study
  3. Importing Data
  4. scikit-learn basics
  5. Imputing Data
  6. Aggregation and Grouping
  7. Feature Engineering
  8. Fitting and Evaluating Your Model
  9. Deployment