FastCompany 10 Most Innovative Companies in Big Data

Big Data-driven companies can now map your genome, find the best fit for clothing, and improve student grades, but it all comes at the expense of much reduced privacy. Here are 10 most innovative Big Data companies according to Fast Company.

Here are 10 Most Innovative Companies in Big Data, as selected by Fast Company:

GE Logo

1. GE

For harnessing data from its planes and trains to power a new Industrial Internet, potentially saving billions.

2. Kaggle

For feeding its DIY data scientists cash-prize challenges (then molding them into a consulting biz).

3. Ayasdi

For using a visual approach to take the guesswork out of big data.

4. IBM

For playing global data evangelist by sharing its problem-solving power with cities, businesses, and universities.

5. Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

For embracing data scientists and supercomputers to build the hospital of the future.

6. The Weather Company

For analyzing millions of local climates to predict how shoppers’ habits sway with the weather.

7. Knewton

For forging alliances to make millions of students smarter, from adaptive­-learning e­books to personalized English­ language training courses.

8. Splunk

For providing businesses with hundreds of homegrown apps to sniff out error files and keep things humming.

9. Gnip

For expanding its service to let customers dive through every social media stream available.

10. Evolv

For mining employee performance to help stanch turnover and upend HR.

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