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Visualize your spreadsheet data in 30 seconds by building beautiful, interactive graphs using three step process by

By Paul Katsen,

Make beautiful, interactive graphs with It’s a three-step process that takes about 30 seconds:
  1. Choose an interactive graph from our library,
  2. Upload your spreadsheet data to populate the graph,
  3. Export to the web, back to your spreadsheet, or to powerpoint.
Most Recent Common Words Over Time

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Enough talk. Let’s graph.

Your boss emails you a spreadsheet of KDnuggets posts dating back to 2005. She wants to see something interesting in 15 minutes. Of course you can play around in R and Python, but you’re short on time so you revert to your safety blanket: Excel.

You have four attributes to work with: post url, post title, post size in KB, and date published. Around 13k rows. First move is a simple, yet powerful interactive scatter to explore post size by date published.

Looks like post size has generally increased. You zoom the scatter to 2005-2010. Far fewer weekend posts back then.

Familiar & Modern:
You’re short on time so let’s keep exploring. What are all these posts about? You pick out the post titles and date published attributes and create an interactive word cloud that shows most common words over time. It’s not the most scientific visualization, but a modern take at a familiar word cloud.

KDnuggets has always been about data, analytics, and mining. Recently there have been more mentions of ‘scientists’, ‘social’, ‘tweet’, etc. Of course word clouds aren’t the most scientific graphs, but the point comes across and they look great.

You also want a more practical, yet still beautiful way to visualize KDnuggets most common titles. You click on the “Horizon Chart”:

It’s easier for you to explore a longer time-span (2010+) and quickly see how word use in titles has fluctuated.

Most common individual words a good first step, but which words pop up most together? You run a data transformation on the ‘post title’ column, creating links for a network graph. Let’s make something unique - you push the links into a chord diagram:

Beautiful. Data and mining appear together most. Mining and analytics second most. Makes sense - KDnuggets is the top resource for data mining.

Three beautiful, interactive graphs in under 15 minutes. You send your boss a url to your graphs. She’s impressed and asks how you did it. You tell her to sign up for: