Learn How to Predict Influence with Uplift Modeling at PAW San Francisco, Mar 16-21

Uplift modeling is the hot analytical method to predict influence, and its adoption is rapidly growing. Learn if uplift modeling is for you, the required expertise, analytical complexity, and the latest state of the art at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco, Mar 16-21.

Predictive Analytics World 2014 San Francisco

The analytical method to predict influence is uplift modeling-aka, persuasion modeling-and its adoption is rapidly growing. This is the state of the art, folks. Is uplift modeling for you? Are the additional human expertise requirements, analytical complexity, and data requirements worthwhile?

This hot topic is covered across two sessions and one workshop at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco:

  • Pinpointing the Persuadables: Convincing the Right Customers and the Right Voters
    Daniel Porter, Director of Statistical Modeling, Obama for America - A case study from Obama for America on Persuasion Modeling (aka Uplift Modeling).

  • 1.5 Day Workshop: Net Lift Models: Optimizing the Impact of Your Marketing
    Kim Larsen, Vice President of Analytical Insights, MarketShare - Advanced workshop on uplift modeling (aka net lift modeling)

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