Boston AnalyticsWeek: Big Data and Analytics Unconference, March 24-28

Boston first week-long Big Data And Analytics Unconference wants to bring the limelight back to Analytics, bringing 5 evenings of leading industry speakers and panels, and with registration at nominal $10 to cover expenses.

Boston, MA – March, 10 2014.

Boston is getting its first Weeklong Big Data And Analytics Unconference AnalyticsWeek Uncoference Boston What is AnalyticsWEEK Unconference?

Cognizeus has just opened the participant signups for their much-awaited Big Data & Analytics Unconference, AnalyticsWEEK to be held from Mar 24-28, 2014 in the heart of Boston. This conference is a grass root effort at bringing together big-data and analytics community in Boston. This topic has seen a lot of interest and excitement both on the side of the enterprises as well as professionals, students and startups. There is an ever growing demand for building knowledge sharing platforms as the vertical rapidly evolves to meet the new challenges facing this segment.

Mission behind AnalyticsWeek.

As per AnalyticsWEEK organizer and Cognizeus CEO Vishal Kumar: “2013 was majorly focused around the current tools that helped enterprises solve the problem around data deluge, but not much dialog has happened around Analytics that makes the big data problem worth investing in. The world hasn’t moved much from the talk around big data to building a new level of science that handle those data into actionable insights. So, through AnalyticsWEEK, we will bring limelight back to Analytics”. Vishal has been running a successful Big Data Discovery, Analytics & Visualization meetup in Boston.

This meetup is well recognized and the feedback received from the attendees of this meetup was used as a primary motivation for putting together AnalyticsWEEK, a more structured/unconference in Big Data and Analytics domain. On asking what propelled the need for such unconference Vishal said “We’ve asked our attendees what is missing in today’s discussions in the various meetups and conferences that they attend. From what we’ve heard, there has been a consistent outcry to bring big corporations and agile startups in Big Data & Analytics together to fuel the discussions around challenges and solutions around analytics”.

Per Vishal, the sole purpose of this conference is to start the dialog between Big Data & Analytics practitioners, bringing the communities together for faster collaborative learning. Every aspect of AnalyticsWEEK will help promote the connection, collaboration and huddle that is required in the area of Big Data Analytics. The core differentiation that sets AnalyticsWEEK apart from its peer is the fact that it provides attendees a place to hangout online as well as offline. We will be providing tools and capabilities to enhance the communication, collaboration and discussion between big data analytics professionals.

AnalyticsWEEK Weeklong Structure:

After several iterations and deep-dive discussions with other conference organizers, AnalyticsWEEK, the first of its kind, will be running its debut in an extremely controlled fission environment, and hosting its events every evening for 5 days from Monday 3/24 through Friday 3/28, starting at 5:30pm and going on till 9:30pm.

Each day is focused on a particular industry vertical. Monday would be the grand kickoff focused on Big data analytics and Health, Insurance/ Finance, Marketing and Talent Analytics will be given it’s own dedicated day in this 5 days event. Selection of vertical is chosen after careful deliberations on what opportunities/ demands geographical location represents. This could vary when similar event is rolled out in other geographical location.

What a Day in AnalyticsWEEK Looks like?

Structure of each day for the conference is kept lean by dividing the day into a keynote talk and a panel discussion. Keynote talk will tackle high-level strategic opportunities in a particular vertical from Big Data & Analytics perspective, whereas panel discussion will be taking more tactical questions head-on as faced by the industry.


The quality of speakers and panelist is among the best of the best to keep the content generation to its premium. Each speaker and panelist will provide some directional thought leadership to the attendees while conducting their speaking as well as panel discussions. This unconference will be featuring around 30 big data and analytics industry thought leaders. The mix includes executives from fortune 100 organizations, big consulting firms s, startup CEOs, Venture Capitalists as well as other deep-dive subject matter experts.

Event Structure:

This event is open to all with a nominal fee of $10 to account for conference related expenses and remaining proceeds would be donated to St. Jude. There are limited seats available for the event for each day. Further information could be found with event organizer Vishal Kumar.

AnalyticsWEEK provides a great opportunity for organizations to build brand awareness and to be recognized in the community as a analytics driven organization and to attract the best talent of Boston. If you are interesting in sponsoring the event please contact at

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