Information Management 10 More Big Data Companies

Information Management selects 10 additional less known but promising companies offering Big Data platforms, solutions, and services.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Mar 30, 2014.

Information Management followed their slideshow of 10 Big Data Companies You Might Not Know (Hadapt, Precog, Platfora, YarcData, Datameer, SiSense, Kapow Software, and Zettaset) - most actually quite well-known companies, with another slideshow of 10 More Big Data Companies You Might Not Know .

Unlike the previous list, the 10 companies in this list are indeed less known in the Big Data and Analytics space, but they appear to have a good potential for success.

Location: Redmond, WA
Summary: Tracks and analyzes activity across the customer life cycle. The company's customer data platform is provided as a cloud-based service, eliminating the need for separate, disconnected point solutions and homegrown analytic tools. The company says it can deploy Appuri SaaS solution in 15 minutes.

Location: Bangalore, India
Summary: Utilizes big data, proprietary data mining algorithms and machine learning techniques, to provide customer intelligence, price optimization, risk management, operations planning and sales and marketing insights.

Fractal Analytics Inc., Fractal
Location: Mumbai, India
Summary: Uses data analytics to help companies better understand, predict and influence consumer behavior. Offer data analytics functions via outsourcing.

Note: see also Fractal Analytics Interview Highlights.

Location: Gurgaon, India
Summary: The big data division of Xebia group, GoDataDriven provides online retail solutions, services (data warehousing, scalable ETL, high-volume data analytics) and training in Hadoop and related big data technologies for retailers.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Summary: Infobright's Knowledge Grid architecture supports the Internet of Things with a high performance analytic database, designed to rapidly analyze machine generated data.

Metric Insights,
Location: San Francisco, CA
Summary: Provides a Push Intelligence platform that alerts the user when and why key business metrics have changed. Connects its KPI Warehouse to metrics from all of the business intelligence, SaaS, big data and data visualization tools used by the customer.

PSSC Labs,
Location: Lake Forest, CA
Summary: Designs energy efficient, high density, easy to manage servers for all big data applications.

Scientel Information Technology,
Location: Bingham Farms, MI
Summary: Provides three products: DBIS Intranet - an interactive, Web-like wholesale distribution system; DBIS e-Commerce - a business transaction module; and Business Intelligence/analytics - an information analysis tool for making informed decisions.

Location: San Jose, CA
Summary: Provides enterprise-grade machine learning with the Skytree Server, which the company says is the only general purpose scalable machine learning system on the market.

Think Big Analytics,
Location: Mountain View, CA
Summary: Provides data science, engineering and training services to help companies meet business goals.