INFORMS: The Business of Big Data Conference, San Jose, June 22-24

The new INFORMS conference would help Analytics Professionals and Operations Researchers to get from data discovery to real business value. Sign up at the early rates until May 23.

INFORMSINFORMS Conference on The Business of Big Data

June 22-24, San Jose Marriott and Convention Center

Who else but INFORMS – the world’s largest non-profit society supporting the analytics and big data industry – can cover this hot topic the way it should be covered. This new INFORMS conference will show you how to get from data discovery to real business value.

The focus of this conference is squarely on business with success stories and lessons learned on key issues such as how to navigate the big data ecosystem, how to build and manage data science teams, and how to bridge the gap between decision-makers, IT managers, and analytics professionals.

You’ll get best practices from hand-pickled speakers from companies experienced in leveraging big data. Keynote speaker is big data rock star, Bill Franks, who will speak on Putting Big Data to Work.

Reserve your spot now at the early rate until May 23.