Analyze Data 10X Faster with the Lavastorm Analytics Engine

Download your free copy of Lavastorm Analytics Engine Public today and analyze your data faster, handle more volume, eliminate Excel headaches and improve data visibility.

Lavastorm Analytics If you want to gain instant access to data that can drive your business and create analytics 10x faster, we can help. Download your free copy of Lavastorm Analytics Engine Public today.

Brought to you by Lavastorm Analytics, one of the Bloor Group's Top Companies to Watch, you'll be able to conduct data analysis from your desktop with ease -- getting answers faster, through a more intuitive, visual approach.

Get your copy of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine Public
Lavastorm Screen and you'll be able to:
  • Respond to information requests more quickly - our users can not only unify data 10x faster than before, they can also create extremely precise filtering logic, enabling them to very quickly answer difficult or unexpected questions
  • Handle more data volume - organizations rely on our software to analyze business or performance daily
  • Eliminate Excel headaches - organizations save hundreds of hours per week by automating repetitive Excel data manipulation tasks with our visual analytic models
  • Improve visibility to data - with our visual tools you can get all your data in one environment and instantly see how data was changed or used so you can easily debug complex data manipulations
  • Reduce scripting hassles - you can reduce SQL or other scripting by assembling and configuring analytic logic using our graphical building blocks


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