Webinar: Best Decision Trees just got better with Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER 9.0, Apr 3

New KnowledgeSEEKER 9.0 makes your modeling faster with automated workflow for building, refreshing, and reusing workflows - all with the click of a button. Learn more on Apr 3.

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Market-Leading Decision Trees & New Automated Workflow

Event Details
Date: April 3, 2014
Time: 11:00am EST | 4pm GMT

Accelerate segmentation and modelling with NEW KnowledgeSEEKER 9.0 – now with automated workflow for building, refreshing, and reusing workflows all with the click of a button!

Widely known for its industry leading, patented Decision Trees, patent pending Strategy Trees, and graphical wizard-driven interface, Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER data mining and predictive analytics software helps data analysts and business users with data exploration and the development and deployment of predictive models.

Angoss 9.0 ScreenshotAngoss Decision Trees have an easy to use interface for building and exploring segments, discovering relationships and performing variable reduction while Angoss unique Strategy Trees enable users to combine customer segments and scores with business rules and user-defined actions in order to make more strategic data driven decisions, faster.

KnowledgeSEEKER 9.0 introduces a powerful automated workflow canvas with a user friendly visual representation enabling the creation of a model workflow in minutes, providing instant documentation and eliminating the need to write code.

Your analytics organization will save time and money with new KnowledgeSEEKER 9.0.

You Will Learn More About:

  • Angoss market-leading, patented Decision Trees
  • Unique patent pending Angoss Strategy Trees for strategy design and deployment
  • Automated workflow creation and reusability with simple drag and drop steps
  • New visual exploration of variables with Characteristic Analysis wizard, charts and tables
  • More precise assessment of variables with various Measures of Predictive Power
  • Model validation and evaluation with Angoss Model Analyzer
  • SAS code generation for entire workflow or any segment

Featured Speaker:

Tom Zougas, Angoss Analytics Manager

Register at http://www.angoss.com/webinar/introducing-knowledgeseeker-9-0