Additions to KDnuggets Directory in March

MLconf (NYC), Customer Analytics (Philadelphia), AnalyticsWorld (Chicago), Useful Business Analytics Summit (Boston), CBIG Consulting, QueBIT, and other meetings, companies, and education in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science.

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Added to Consulting Companies in Data Mining and Analytics
  • Big Learning, offering machine learning and text processing consulting/development. Brazil.
  • CBIG Consulting, Business intelligence, data warehouse, and big data analytics consultants. Offices in Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Raleigh (USA) and Sydney, Australia.
  • Centre of Excellence CIBIT, providing consulting and training in Knowledge Discovery and related technologies. Netherlands.
  • Mango Solutions, a data analysis specialist providing application development, consultancy, training and support services, with specific expertise around R. Chippenham, UK.
  • Massa & Company, (312-463-1050): What are you getting from your Google Analytics account? We will save you time and effort with our low-cost Google Analytics Optimization Package.
  • QueBIT, an IBM reseller with a world-class team of SPSS Experts, including authors of "IBM SPSS Modeler cookbook", offering analytics services and online/on-site training, with a focus on IBM SPSS Modeler/Statistics. Scarsdale, NY.

Added to Education in Analytics and Data Mining in Europe