Big Data Vendor Analysis

The Big Data market in hardware, software, and services reached $18.6 billion in 2013. We analyze the vendor data and identify 4 main clusters of Big Data companies.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Apr 10, 2014.

The latest update of Wikibon Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast by Jeff Kelly puts the Big Data market at $18.6 billion in 2013, growing 58% vs 2012. Of this amount,
  • 40% was Big Data-related services
  • 38% was hardware at 38%
  • 22% was software.

The low share of software is due partly to the open source type of Hadoop and much Big Data software.

The main drivers of growth for the Big Data market in 2013 were:
  • Big Data vendors better positioned their product & services and presented larger visions for Big Data in the enterprise
  • Big Data continued to mature, with important features like YARN and the continued evolution of cloud-based Big Data services for analytics and application development.
  • Big Data technologies evolved toward greater enterprise-grade capabilities, including better privacy, security and governance.

Below is the plot of the 70+ Big Data vendors, by 2013 Big Data Services vs Software revenue. Wikibon Big Data Vendors Software vs Services Revenue for 2013
Fig 1: Big Data Vendors by 2013 Worldwide revenue in $Millions, Software vs Services, according to Wikibon.

Circle size ~ revenue, color is %Hardware revenue - from 0% (red, SAS) to 50% (grey, HP) to >80% (green, Dell).

We note several main clusters:
  • Megavendors: IBM, SAP, SAS, Palantir, Oracle, Teradata, Splunk, Microsoft, Pivotal, which have over $100M in both services and software revenue
  • Services-only companies: (ordered by decreasing revenue) Accenture, PWC, Deloitte, Amazon, Hitachi, CSC, CenturyLink, Google, Mu Sigma, TCS, Booz Allen Hamilton, Opera Solutions, Capgemini, 1010data, Rackspace, GoodData, Fractal Analytics, Sumo Logic, Think Big Analytics
  • Hardware-mainly companies (> 50% hardware revenue): Dell, Cisco Systems, Fusion-io, NetApp, Intel, EMC, SGI, DDN, Juniper, Talend
  • Smaller, mainly software companies with revenue under $100M, which generally provide a mix of software (avg 58%) and services (avg 39%): MarkLogic, Syncsort, Cloudera, MongoDB, Hortonworks, Guavus, Alteryx, 1010data, MapR, Attivio, DataStax, GoodData, Attunity, Fractal Analytics, Pentaho, Datameer, Couchbase, Basho, Kognitio, Sumo Logic, Jaspersoft, SiSense, Talend, Revolution Analytics, Aerospike, Neo Technologies, Digital Reasoning, Tresata, Rainstor, Think Big Analytics

The plot below examines the last cluster of smaller companies with revenue under $100M.
Big Data Vendors with 2013 revenue under $100M
Fig 2: Smaller 2013 Big Data Vendors, Software vs Services revenue (in $ millions).

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