HP Perspective on Big Data and Analytics: Interview with Mazhar Hussain

KDnuggets talks with Mazhar Hussain, HP Big Data & Analytics Services Leader, on key topics for the industry and 4 next big areas in Big Data.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Apr 3, 2014.

I recently had a chance to discuss key industry questions with Mazhar Hussain, @mhussain123, currently Big Data & Analytics Services Leader for HP HPhp.com/go/bi.

His division also includes Big Data Services and Solutions Leveraging Autonomy, Vertica and Hadoop. He can be reached at

Gregory Piatetsky: Where do you see industry going?

Mazhar Hussain Mazhar Hussain: Industry is certainly growing and we will be seeing 2014 great year. Several Industries and large customers base is trying to leverage data and analytics. One thing is pretty clear data and analytics will make big impact and define the way business operate in the future. We are seeing Big data efforts within enterprises are rapidly maturing, driven by a need for advanced analytical capability & willingness to experiment. Business Analytics will remain CIO's top technology priority in 2014. According to industry analysts Business Analytics technology and services market in 2014 will be around $ 116 billion and will reach around $160 billion in 2017. So 2014 to be an exciting year for applying analytics to business

GP: What is the next "Big Thing" in Big Data?

MH: Data is the New Oil, so leveraging data as an enterprise asset is key. According to IDC, the global universe of data to nearly double every two years, reaching 40,000 Exabytes or 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020. So in other words the data companies' desire and need to access and analyze is going to become massive. The next Big Things (instead of just a Thing) are going be in four key areas below:

1. Focus on Big Data Talent:
Attracting and developing analytics capabilities, talent, and leadership, both individual and organizational. (Leadership is the most critical factor for creating and delivering on competitive advantage)

2. Move from Big Data to Big Data Analytics.
Companies will focus on integrating analytics and leveraging the power of information systems to create powerful systems that will benefit analytical efficiencies, insights generation, and decision making.

3. Internet of things.
Machine generated data and connectivity will surpass most other types of data creation in terms of volume. Machine Learning Language will play key role.

4. Data security and privacy will be key both for consumer as well as enterprise companies.

GP: Where is Hype vs reality in Big Data:

MH: It is reality and not hype anymore, as organizations are under increasing pressure to better manage; amount of data they gather and its use. I am seeing use of this in most of industries. We will be seeing even demand with further more increase in this areas in future]

GP: What is the impact of Apache Spark?

MH: It looks like Spark is set to take the reins as the primary processing framework for new Hadoop workloads arena. This technology is now high priority project at Apache Software Foundation. Indeed Apache Spark will have significant impact and will provide Big Data Analytics robust platform with much vibrant capabilities. It will have great impact with its fast speed and will serve as an engine for large-scale data processing. Some people are seeing it make quite significant impact in industry and they will see quick adoption with key advantages as Spark is a compelling multi-purpose platform in analytics

GP: Big Data and Privacy - how to reconcile them?

MH: Yes this is key issue and several organizations are working to comprehend their requirements and also to keep Privacy intact as well. I will see there will be ongoing debate on this topic this year before we see long term solution on this arena]

GP: Is it possible to automate Analytics - put Data Scientist in a Box?

MH: Yes, you can automate some aspect of analytics but human inference is a must. Data science in developing correct model, optimizing predictive sense, analyzing correct scenario, weighing in statics theories etc.

GP: What verticals will benefit the most from Big Data and Analytics?

MH: I expect all major vertical will eventually benefits from Big Data and Analytics. It also depends how people in company leverage this and also what culture they develop to deploy it. I believe having CXO sponsorship in any company makes big difference to retrieve higher benefits and that's what I have seen in successful cases and there are many that I can discuss. So some of industries has been in past leverage BI a lot such as Telco, Banking, Retail etc. I will expect them to continue see now benefits from this. Other key verticals will add in to this party such as Energy, Health, Manufacturing, Travel, Entertainment and even Legal.

GP: What will replace "Big Data" buzzword?

MH: "Big Data" buzzword will be replaced by "Big Data Analytics" in the interim and then down the line it will be again "Data Analytics" (as all Data will be Big).