Webcast – Analytically Speaking featuring Rob Reul

Focusing on customer intelligence research, including why customer satisfaction is not enough; survey analysis and the role of interactive data visualization; and the importance of choice experiments.

Analytically Speaking featuring Rob Reul. Complimentary webcast.

What do your customers want?

Rob Reul, founder and Managing Director of Isometric Solutions, has decades of experience answering this question through customer intelligence research. He will share his knowledge on collecting and analyzing consumer data so you can respond appropriately and remain competitive with a loyal – and expanding – customer base.

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On the table for discussion:
  • Why customer satisfaction is not enough.
  • Survey analysis and the role of interactive data visualization.
  • The importance of choice experiments.
  • Designing a complicated conjoint study with a short survey.
  • Best practices for listening and responding to the voice of the customer.


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