Oracle Academy – Teaching Students Around The World

Oracle academy teaches millions on students around the world, supports Oracle and open-source applications, with courses ranging from computer science for kids to Big Data education.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Apr 15, 2014.

I recently had a chance to talk with Alison Derbenwick Miller, vice president, Oracle Academy Oracle Academy about their program which supports both Oracle and open-source applications.  It also offers resources to help high school students prep for the AP computer science test and supports the Khan Academy, a pioneering non-profit providing free online education world-wide.

GP: Can you briefly describe Oracle Academy?  Who is the intended audience?

Oracle Academy (Twitter: @OracleAcademy, FB:, is the flagship program under Oracle’s corporate social responsibility education pillar.  Its mission is to advance computer science education and make it accessible to students globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields.  Last year, Oracle Academy supported more than 2.5 million secondary and post-secondary students globally, providing software, curriculum, professional development, and other resources with an in-kind grant value of more than US$2.7 billion.

GP: How is it different from Oracle Learning Library?

Oracle Learning Library is an online resource that provides a broad range of self-service training and information about Oracle technologies.  Oracle Academy is a philanthropic arm of Oracle focused on bringing resources into schools and universities to foster and support the study of computer science.  For example, Oracle Academy provides comprehensive curriculum and supporting technology for computer science courses, such as Database Design and Programming with SQL and Java Fundamentals.

Oracle Academy also conducts hundreds of free professional development courses around the world to deepen teachers’ understanding of computing, as well as to provide them with multiple strategies for teaching concepts that are central to an academic computer science curriculum.

Additionally, Oracle Academy hosts events designed to awaken children’s interest in computer science by teaching them coding skills with programs like Greenfoot and Alice.  For teachers and students unable to attend one of these sessions, Oracle Academy offers “Creating Java Programs Using Greenfoot” and “Getting Started with Java Using Alice” self-study courses free of charge through the Oracle Academy website.  Related classroom curriculum for Alice and Greenfoot are also available on the Oracle Academy website, and via Curriki, the open online educational community.

GP: Does it offer non-Oracle resources?

Yes.  Oracle Academy believes that few subjects will open as many doors for students in the 21st century as computer science.  Therefore, Oracle Academy provides resources that support both Oracle and open-source applications, including resources and a developed classroom curriculum to help high school students prepare for the AP computer science A exam.  In addition, Oracle Academy offers self-study courses, such as Greenfoot and Alice; discounts on Oracle press books, which address a variety of computer science subjects; Oracle Magazine and Java Magazine articles, which offer CS students easy access to technical articles written by experts; and Oracle Online Learning Library, which provides free online learning content created by Oracle developers and trusted community members for Oracle and open source computer science technologies.

GP: What are the most popular resources for analytics and data science?

Analytics and data science are currently hot topics.  Oracle Academy offers a Big Data Resource Guide that includes a variety of online resources to help faculty and students new to analytics and data science navigate and learn about the exciting field of Big Data.  The Big Data Resource Guide includes the popular Oracle Academy Data Science Bootcamp, a recorded lecture series that includes sample problems and data sets.

GP: What are the most popular resources for business intelligence?

The Oracle Academy supports learning about business intelligence (BI) through its Business Applications Program.  Oracle Academy Business Applications members can download a variety of BI-related software programs and curriculum tools for teaching use in their classrooms.