open source machine learning server is an open source machine learning server for predictive solutions, such as personalization or recommendations, built on top of scalable frameworks such as Hadoop and Cascading - ready to handle Big Data.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Apr 10, 2014. Prediction.IO is an open source machine learning server for software developers to create predictive features, such as personalization, recommendation and content discovery.

Apps in PredictionIO correspond to the software application that is using PredictionIO. An App can have many Engines, but each Engine can only be associated with one App.

Engines are what external application interacts with via the API. Currently, there are two types of Engines: item-recommendation and item-similarity. Each Engine has a default Algorithm, but you can fine-tune its parameters or swap it.

Course recommendation example Some recent application examples:
  • Crowdfunding Service - Match Projects/Investors
  • App Stores - Personalized App Suggestions
  • Food Delivery - Meal Prediction
  • MOOC platforms - Course Discovery

Here is Sample Project with Public AngelList Data

A recent blog by Donald Szeto and Robert Nyman explains how to use it to build predictive solutions such as Top 10 Personalized Movie Recommendations.

The steps (under any recent 64-bit Linux distribution) include
  • installing Java 7
  • installing MongoDB
  • installing PredictionIO and its Components
  • fine tuning Apache Hadoop
  • creating an app in PredictionIO
  • importing data to PredictionIO
  • adding engines
  • getting prediction results

PredictionIO v0.7 now supports GraphChi - a Big Data Graph Engine, and developers can now evaluate and deploy algorithms in both GraphChi and Apache Mahout on one platform.

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