SiSense Crowd Accelerated BI

We examine SiSense Crowd Accelerated BI - an innovative approach which paradoxically enables faster response as the number of users grows.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Apr 11, 2014.

Dealing with Big Data, handling increasing larger data volumes, and scaling to more users - while keeping a fast response is a huge challenge to today's BI and Analytics vendors.

SiSense SiSense is a fast-growing startup which leverages CPU fast memory cache technology and has a scalable, memory-optimized columnar database. They have recently come up with a unique solution that enables its data engine to respond faster as more users run more queries - called Crowd Accelerated BI.

One traditional approach for speeding up the response with more users is caching, but caching only helps if queries are identical, which rarely happens for BI and Analytical tools.

SiSense's unique approach is to break each query into blocks and cache them individually.

When a new question is asked, query blocks sitting in the cache are easily and quickly reused by simply pulling them from the recycle bin. By reusing resource-intensive query blocks across different queries, SiSense keeps the CPU and cache efficient even as the number of users and queries grow.

SiSense Crowd Accelerated BI

Latest version of SiSense dropped the Prism product name and is called simply SiSense 5.

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