Experfy, Big Data Consulting Marketplace from Harvard

Good news for data experts - you have many new options with Experfy, a startup from Harvard Innovation Lab, which is a consulting marketplace where companies hire talent for Big Data, Analytics, and BI projects.

By Ran Bi, May 2, 2014.

Are you a data expert looking for suitable projects? Do you need a team of data experts with specific skillset and domain expertise?

Experfy, a startup out of Harvard Innovation Lab, is launching its new marketplace for data freelancer. It provides a platform for the people with strong quantitative skills who are not so good at marketing themselves. This big data community consists of data engineers, data scientists, data mining experts, data analysts, visualization designers, statisticians, etc. Experfy estimates that 20 percent of big data services can be handled by freelance work, which is a huge market.


For enterprises, Experfy will help them find the right talent, track milestones related to project, and ensure that bank accounts are linked properly. The company can either post their project or describe the kind of data experts they want. Experfy will shortlist the best-suited data providers.

Data experts can submit a proposal for short-term projects through Experfy. They can also collaborate with others in Experfy ProjectRoom, a private work environment with enterprise-ready dashboard and data tools. In this way, data experts can work remotely.

If you are a data expert and looking for a better job, Experfy may be a good start. All the users must log in through their LinkedIn accounts and fill out basic information, like title, minimum hourly rate and their strengths. The application is reviewed and approved within 48 hours. Experfy would charge clients 20% as commission fee when a payment is made to data experts. The number could be flexible depending on the response of the market.

The screenshot below shows projects matching my profile, shown after I clicked on "find projects".


The cofounders of Experfy, Harpreet Singh and Sarabjot Kaur, had previously worked together on academicroom, the first multidisciplinary knowledge platform. Now Experfy is the first marketplace to provide virtualization of exquisite high-end talent, even though they are still facing big challenge from existing business models like consulting and outsourcing. It has just been open for only a few weeks. The data science community is already looking forward to its future performance.

Ran Bi
Ran Bi is a master student in Data Science program at New York University. She has done several projects in machine learning, deep learning and also big data analytics during her study at NYU. With the background in Financial Engineering for undergrad study, she is also interested in business analytics.