Data Discovery to Real Business Value – INFORMS Conference, June 22-24, San Jose

Learn about how to achieve return on investment and real business value from your Big Data investments through the real-life case studies, insightful presentations, and lot more at the INFORMS Conference in San Jose.

As Big Data buzz settling down, the focus is steadily shifting from collecting huge amount of data and performing generic analytics to a continual assessment of return on investment and real business value of Big Data solutions. This is the most important and also, the most difficult part. Yet, through a smart selection of right Big Data technologies, the leaders are transforming organizational culture, incrementally learning the right approach using quick iterations, and designing an efficient, cost-effective Big Data architecture. The true business value will not come from data-richness, it will rather come from leveraging data to take smart decisions.

INFORMS Conference 2014 will focus on "The Business of Big Data" and educate the attendees on the best way to prepare themselves for the trends mentioned above. The conference is a great opportunity for learning as well as networking with the leaders from industry and academia through a seamless exchange of information, ideas and perspectives. The conference will be held on June 22-24, 2014 at the San Jose Convention Center, in a beautiful and self-contained expansion to the Center that just opened in September 2013. INFORMS 2014 The impressive line-up of speakers, which includes Big Data leaders from various industries, will share the best practices through real-world case studies and tutorials on a wide variety of topics such as:
  • Getting from data discovery to return on investment and real business value
  • Bridging the gap between decision makers, IT managers, and analytics professionals
  • Selecting and using the right big data technologies
  • Gaining insight from new data sources and data streams
  • Big data 101: how to navigate the big data ecosystem
  • Building and managing data science teams
  • Critical issues like ethics and privacy requirements
  • Emerging technologies and trends

The conference program includes keynote sessions, presentations across 3 tracks (Big Data Case Studies, Big Data 101 and Emerging Trends in Big Data), technology workshops, panel discussions, facilitated networking, gala receptions and exhibits. Thus, this conference is a must-attend for all business managers, decision-makers, IT managers and technologists, and analytics professionals. For program details, please refer:

Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, Teradata will be delivering a keynote on "Putting Big Data to Work". In another keynote, Michael Svilar, Managing Director, Advanced Analytics, Accenture will talk about "Moving from Big Data to Big Outcomes on the Journey to ROI". The most updated list of all speakers is available at:

Besides, the conference is also offering the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) exam, which will be offered the day before the conference begins -- Saturday, June 21, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Attendees of this conference qualify for a discounted, bundled rate of Conference + Certification. To learn more about CAP, please visit:

The organizing committee co-chairs are Margery H. Connor, CAP, Chevron Corp. and Diego Klabjan, CAP, Northwestern University. The leading sponsors include Chevron and SAS. Corporate & University Sponsors are: Booz Allen Hamilton, University of San Francisco, MIT Sloan Management Review, and Predictive Analytics World.

Registrations are currently open. However, they might get sold out soon. The different registration options are available at:

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