InformationWeek 10 Big Data Pros To Follow On Twitter

Information Week list of 10 Big Data Pros includes leading industry experts @merv, @sogrady, @Sve_Sic, @KirkDBorne, @KDnuggets, @BigDataGal, @Data_Nerd, @JaimeFitzgerald, @TonyBaer, and @marcusborba.

Here is the InformationWeek list of top 10 Big Data to follow on Twitter, including their Twitter name, stats, Twitter bio (Tbio), and IW summary.

@merv, Merv Adrian, IT analyst, Gartner, 36.2K Tweets, 14.2K Followers
Tbio: Gartner IT Industry analyst - Hadoop, Big Data, NoSQL, DBMSs, Vendor Lead for Microsoft. Guitarist, husband, dad, dog lover
IW: Adrian tweets regularly about Hadoop, NoSQL, Microsoft, and other topics.

@sogrady, Stephen O'Grady, analyst, RedMonk, 35.2K Tweets, 5,854 Followers
Tbio: i helped found RedMonk. if you see someone at a tech conference wearing a Red Sox hat, that's probably me. wrote @newkingmakers. married to @girltuesday. eph.
IW: He tweets and blogs about a variety of software and development topics, among other areas.

@Sve_sic, Svetlana Sicular, research director, Gartner, 852 Tweets, 788 Followers
Tbio: Gartner analyst and myself.
IW: Sicular tweets on all things big data, analytics, BI, data warehousing, data architecture, and Hadoop, among other topics. She also chimes in on specific vendors in the big data universe, such as Cloudera, and she shares bits and pieces from Gartner's research reports.

@KirkDBorne, Kirk Borne, data scientist and Prof. of Astrophysics and Computational Science, GMU, 22.4K Tweets, 11.1K Followers
Tbio: PhD Data Scientist Astrophysicist, Top #BigData Influencer. Passions: #DataScience, #DataMining, Astroinformatics, #CitizenScience
IW: Borne regularly posts and retweets links to interesting articles on big data and data science.

@kdnuggets, Gregory Piatetsky, KDnuggets President, 14.5K Tweets, 19.5K followers
Tbio: KDnuggets President, Analytics/Big Data/Data Mining/Data Science expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at 2 startups, part-time philosopher.
IW: Piatetsky's KDnuggets site (KD stands for "Knowledge Discovery") is a trove of big data, data mining, and analytics information, including job openings.

@BigDataGal, Lillian Pierson, data scientist, journalist, 3,337 Tweets, 8,201 Followers
Tbio: Data Viz Wiz | Journalist | Growth Hacker ... I love big data, data science, and world travel.
IW: Pierson works with a range of clients via her Data-Mania concern, and her Twitter feed is chock full of big data-related news, data visualization discussions, insights on data-related vendors, and other topics.

@Data_Nerd, Carla Gentry, founder, Analytical-Solution, 118K Tweets, 12.7K Followers
Tbio: Data Scientist, Data_Nerd Founder Analytical-Solution. What can your data do for you? Measure, Segment, Research and Data Analysis - keys for increasing ROI
IW: A data scientist by trade, Gentry is also a prolific tweeter with a sharp eye for news and trends that will have an impact on the industry.

@jaimefitzgerald, Jaime Fitzgerald, founder and president, Fitzgerald Analytics, 19.6K Tweets, 6,564 Followers
Tbio: Data to Dollars™ specialist w/ track record of doing it @fitzanalytics. Advisor/Author/speaker/dad. Creator of methods that turn data into social good. #D2DVC
IW: Fitzgerald works with Wall Street banks and others to develop quantitative, data-driven business strategies.

@TonyBaer, Tony Baer, IT analyst, Ovum, 9,588 Tweets, 5,244 Followers
Tbio: IT analyst with Ovum covering Big Data & data management with some systems engineering thrown in. Views stated here are my own.
IW: Baer, another favorite among the analyst community, leads the big data research at Ovum.

@marcusborba, Marcus Borba, CTO, Spark Strategic Business Solution, 14.9K Tweets, 7,964 Followers
Tbio: Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Social Business, Information Management, Business Strategy
IW: Borba's active feed is a particularly good read if you're interested in how big data translates to bottom-line business -- in other words, making money.

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