Spotlight: RapidMiner New Predictive Analytics Platform-as-a-Service

We examine the newly announced RapidMiner Platform-as-a-Service, installed on AWS and managed by RapidMiner experts.

By Gregory Piatetsky, May 7, 2014.

Recently, RapidMiner RapidMiner announced a new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) version of its RapidMiner Server solution. This will be a professionally-deployed and fully-managed service, hosted on Amazon Web Services. A team of RapidMiner experts will perform all installs, configurations, backups, maintenance, monitoring, tuning and updates.

I caught up with RapidMiner team to ask them about the new service:

Gregory Piatetsky: Q1. Great news about platform-as-a-service offering. Are all RapidMiner features available in the cloud?

RapidMiner: Our Platform-as-a-Service product consists of an instance of RapidMiner Server installed on AWS and managed by RapidMiner on behalf of the customer. In that regard, RapidMiner Server PaaS offers the same features of on-premise RapidMiner Server -- such as the ability to schedule the execution of resource intensive processes, share models, create interactive dashboards and seamlessly integrate predictive analytics with any other business application via APIs.

GP: Q2. Will Platform-as-a-service be available for the free version of RapidMiner (at some additional cost)? Will there be offers for researchers or students?

RapidMiner: The RapidMiner Server Platform-as-a-Service solution is available in Professional and Professional Plus Server editions only. Customers get a hosted, always-on, professionally managed version of RapidMiner Server. RapidMiner Server PaaS is provisioned, installed, managed, maintained and updated by RapidMiner experts.

(GP: RapidMiner website promises some future programs tailored to academic and research community.)

GP: Q3. Cloud Analytics is becoming a crowded marketplace. How do you compare your service with other competing tools, like Alteryx, Skytree, GoodData, BigML ?

RapidMiner: RapidMiner supports a wide range of activities. RapidMiner has one of the richest set of models and offers data transformation, model building, a unified environment for analyzing structured and unstructured data, multiple ways of deploying the models, including modern web APIs as well as interactive dashboards and visualizations. In addition, RapidMiner Server PaaS supports collaboration via sharing of models, processes and more. With the PaaS offering, we are adding benefits such as rapid provisioning, managed hosting and a fast connection to AWS databases such as Relational Database Services (RDS).

GP: Q4. Tell us more about the pricing model? How much can it cost to build 1000 models on a 1 GB of data?

RapidMiner: The pricing for RapidMiner PaaS starts with RapidMiner Server and adds market-leading AWS hosting and fees for the expert management of the Server. Models are built in RapidMiner Studio. The Server product is used for execution of processes, sharing of models and processes, scheduling and interactive dashboards.

GP: current RapidMiner Server pricing is
  • up to 1 GB of RAM - Free
  • up to 4 GB RAM ~ $3,999/year
  • up to 8 GB RAM ~ $9,999/year, hosted option, free trial
  • over 16GB of RAM - contact sales.

GP: Q5. What types of users do you expect to benefit the most from the RapidMiner platform as a service offering?

RapidMiner: Individuals and organizations who want to benefit from RapidMiner Server but don't have the internal IT resources to quickly procure, provision and maintain enterprise applications. Also, anyone who already has data sources on AWS such as RDS will benefit from rapid data transfer rates. Amazon RDS supports MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database engines.

Learn more about the new RapidMiner Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) at