Do Analytics as well as Google, Johnson&Johnson, and AT&T

Attend Useful Business Analytics Summit in Boston and learn how the leading companies do analytics. Early reg by May 16.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear how to do analytics from senior peers – heads of analytics and VPs from big name brands like Google, Nokia, KAYAK, and McGraw-Hill Education? And rather than just sit and listen, wouldn’t it be better to actually talk with these guys, and ask the questions you need answered?

If you answered yes to either (or both!) of these questions, the Useful Business Analytics Summit (June 10-11, Boston) is made for you – find out more by downloading the event brochure here: Useful Business Analytics Summit, Boston, June 10-11

Brands who’ll be contributing speakers include Staples, L'Oréal Paris, JPMorgan Chase, Johnson&Johnson, AT&T, MetLife, Twitter, ESPN, and many more. The full roster is here:

You’ll also get to network with like-minded attendees from Pepsi, GE, Nordstrom, Aetna, Virgin America, and many more.

Join! Use code KDNUGGETS to receive the exclusive $100 discount on top of the Last Chance Discount of $100 if you register before May 16 here: