Additions to KDnuggets Directory in May

ClearVu Analytics, OpenNN neural net library from Intelnics, QIWare, Vowpal Wabbit software for fast learning, Analytics Vidhya, 17 new Big Data meetings, companies, Latin American Data Science education, and more.

New entries for May. Those entries are in addition to time-sensitive content constantly updated in these KDnuggets sections:
Added to Meetings page:

Added to Bioinformatics Companies
  • Genialis, unlocking the hidden potential of your biological data. Slovenia.


Added to Consulting Companies in Data Mining and Analytics
  • divis intelligent solutions GmbH, offers ClearVu Analytics software and consulting services using data mining for product and process optimization in industry. Dortmund, Germany.


Added to Companies with Data Mining and Analytics Products
  • Intelnics, develops the open neural networks library OpenNN and the data analytics environment Neural Designer.


Added to Education in Analytics and Data Mining in Latin America


Added to Software Suites for Data Mining, Analytics, and Knowledge Discovery
  • Neural Designer, an advanced application for discovering complex relationships, recognizing unknown patterns and predicting actual trends from data sets.
  • Portrait Software from PitneyBowes, a suite of analytics tools to improve real-time and multi-channel interactions with customers.
  • QIWare, an agile analytics solution with a complete suite of capabilities to support end-to-end data mining cycle.
  • OpenNN, a comprehensive C++ library for neural networks research and development.
  • Vowpal Wabbit (Fast Learning), able to learn from tera-feature datasets with parallel learning, supports classification, regression, and more.


Added to Text Analysis, Text Mining, and Information Retrieval Software
  • DataRPM, offering Natural Language Question Answering and Automatic Data Modeling.


Added to Bioinformatics Solutions
  • Genialis, unlocking the hidden potential of your biological data. Slovenia.


Added to Data Providers, Data Cleansing, Data Cleaning
  • Egon, data quality and address verification specialists.


Added to Blogs and News on Big Data, Business Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science