AlgoMost contest: Predicting future company acquisitions

Develop an algorithm to predict which companies are most likely to be acquired in the current fiscal year.

AlgoMost contest
: predict which companies most likely would be acquired in 2014.
The contest will run until the end of August 2014.

AlgoMost platform has already united more than 500 teams of data miners and data scientists (solvers) around the world,

The total prize fund is $15,000, which will be distributed as follows.

First $5000 will be divided among the best solvers at the end of August according to evaluation of their solutions by functionality and expert opinion.

The main prize of $10,000 will be awarded in March 2015 - by this time the annual financial results of companies will be announced, so we will know exactly which companies have actually been absorbed. Thus, the main prize money will be awarded on the basis of a completely objective data.

AlgoMost is the platform for data analysis, based in Skolkovo, Russia.

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