CRN 25 Big Data Management Companies

We examine top 25 Big Data Management companies, part of CRN Big Data 100, including Actian, Couchbase, and MemSQL. A large fraction of these companies develop NoSQL solutions.

By Grant Marshall, June 2014.

The CRN 25 Big Data Management companies include those who are known for helping manage an organization's data through databases or data storage solutions and leverage that data for the development of applications.

One interesting thing to note is that there are nine companies in this list that either make use of or develop their own NoSQL solutions for data management. Compared to the four companies in this list that develop tools based on traditional SQL, that number is huge. Big data is one area where NoSQL is really beginning to gain mind share.

Here is a word cloud from top 60 words in company descriptions.crn-25-big-data-management-cloud

Here are the CRN 25 Big Data Management companies:

  1. Actian offers a number of data analytics and data management systems -- many of them acquired including Relational Technology, Ingres, Versant, Pervasive and ParAccel. Redwood City, CA. Founded 1980.
  2. Actifio has developed a copy data management platform that eliminates the problem of "data sprawl" across a company by creating a single copy of an organization's production data and making it virtually available for backup, disaster recovery, software development and testing, business analytics and archiving purposes. Waltham, MA. Founded 2009.
  3. Aerospike develops a real-time, flash-optimized NoSQL database for running high-performance applications. Mountain View, CA. Founded 2009.
  4. Appuri operates a cloud-based customer data system that captures customers- touchpoint data from internal and external sources and creates a petabyte-scale data warehouse within a dedicated virtual private cloud. Redmond, WA. Founded 2012.
  5. Attunity is in the information availability business, providing tools for data replication, change data capture, data connectivity, enterprise file replication, managed file transfer and cloud data delivery. Burlington, MA. Founded 1998.
  6. Citus Data developed CitusDB, a distributed analytics database that can run SQL queries and, according to the company, process petabytes of data in seconds. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2010.
  7. Couchbase develops and supports Couchbase Server, a commercial version of Apache CouchDB, the open-source, document-oriented NoSQL database. Mountain View, CA. Founded 2011.
  8. DataRPM developed "cognitive data discovery" technology that lets users analyze and visualize data residing in corporate databases, Hadoop or other sources using a natural language query and search interface. Fairfax, VA. Founded 2012.
  9. DataStax developed a massively scalable data platform based on Apache Cassandra, the open-source distributed database for storing and managing huge amounts of data across multiple data centers and the cloud. Santa Clara, CA. Founded 2010.
  10. Enterprise DB provides software and services around the popular PostgreSQL open-source relational database. Bedford, MA. Founded 2004.
  11. InfiniDB focuses on big data analytics with its fourth-generation database that's based on columnar technology and massive parallel processing to enable near real-time analytics and huge scalability. Frisco, TX. Founded 2000.
  12. Informatica is perhaps the original data integration technology company with its data ETL (extract, transform and load) tools, data quality management software and master data management products. Redwood City, CA. Founded 1993.
  13. JethroData develops an index-based SQL engine for Hadoop that it says combines the scalability of HDFS (the Hadoop file system) with the power of a fully indexed columnar analytical database. Natanya, Israel. Founded 2012.
  14. MarkLogic's Enterprise NoSQL database platform can be used in conjunction with popular business analytics tools such as IBM's Cognos and Tableau. San Carlos, CA. Founded 2003.
  15. MemSQL calls itself "the leader in real-time and historical big data analytics based on a distributed in-memory database." San Francisco, CA. Founded 2011.
  16. MongoDB develops the open-source NoSQL database of the same name (which comes from "humongous"). New York, NY. Founded 2007.
  17. Neo Technology is the company behind the Neo4j NoSQL graph database. San Mateo, CA. Founded 2007.
  18. Paxata is in the business of "adaptive data preparation," offering technology that simplifies the often-tedious work of transforming raw data into data that can be analyzed with business analytics tools such as QlikTech and Tableau (both Paxata partners). Redwood City, CA. Founded 2012.
  19. Recommind develops an enterprise search and data categorization platform that organizes, manages and distributes huge volumes of data from multiple sources. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2000.
  20. Revelytix develops Loom, a Hadoop-based system that's capable of integrating data from disparate data sources without having to create a central data warehouse or data mart. Cockeysville, MD. Founded 2005.
  21. ScaleARC develops database infrastructure software the company says simplifies the way database systems are deployed and managed. Santa Clara, CA. Founded 2009.
  22. Splice Machine has been developing a full-featured, transactional SQL database on Hadoop that can run operational applications and real-time analytics using Hadoop data. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2012.
  23. Talend has assembled a lineup of open-source data management software including tools for data integration, data quality management, master data management, business process management and an enterprise service bus. Los Altos, CA. Founded 2005.
  24. TempoDB offers a database service specifically designed for time-series data, a problem that many databases have trouble handling. Chicago, IL. Founded 2011.
  25. WibiData develops software that helps businesses develop predictive customer-facing applications on the Hadoop platform. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2010.
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