GraphLab Conference, Graph Analytics and Machine Learning, San Francisco July 21

GraphLab Conference (San Francisco, July 21) brings together experts in graph analytics, large scale machine learning, and data science from leading companies, academic institutions and organizations. Special KDnuggets discount.

GraphLab ConferenceGraphLab Conference

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GraphLab Seeks to break attendance records for bringing together Machine Learning Experts and Data scientists for their third annual conference this July.


What started as a modest goal of bringing experts in graph analytics and large scale machine learning together is now in its 3rd year and takes the form of a full blown conference. We couldn’t be more grateful or prouder to bring you the GraphLab Conference 2014. Among this year’s attendance are data scientists, software engineers and big data analytics thinkers from the companies, academic institutions and organizations leading the way in this space.


Graph Databases:

The event will host demos from influential graph databases such as: Neo Technology (Neo4j), Aurelius (Titan), Franz, Objectivity (InfiniteGraph), and Sparsity Technologies.

Graph Visualization:

Trifacta, Cambridge Intelligence, Graphistry (viz using gpus), Linkurious (a startup from the creators of Gephi open source), Tom Sawyer Software, and will present their recent work in helping data scientists visualize their data.


Python tools:

The GraphLab Conference will host presenters and demos from Skytree, bigML, Zipfian Academy (python training), Continuum Analytics, iPython, Domino Data Labs, Dataiku.

Academic Demos:

The conference will also host an interesting academic presence including Petuum (CMU) a new system by Prof. Eric Xing, Parameter Server (CMU) a mega scale framework for cluster implementation of ML methods by Prof. Alex Smola. Grappa (UW) by mark Oskin from UW, a super fast graph analytic framework. Stinger - a streaming graph system from Georgia Tech.

Graph Use Cases:

Senzari, a company based in Florida is creating the largest music graph - with 100 billion facts related to music! Ravel law is using graphs obtain by supreme court rules to deduce interesting and useful facts about law. Lumiata is compiling a healthcare graph for medical science based graph analytics. Crosswise is using graphs for security and entity disambiguation purposes.

For more information, visit GraphLab Conference homepage.