IBM, SAS, SAP, Angoss Lead in Advanced Analytics – Hurwitz Report

The Hurwitz Victory Index for Advanced Analytics looks at major trends and ranks top vendors - including IBM, SAS, SAP, Angoss, StatSoft, Revolution Analytics, RapidMiner, and Megaputer - across 4 key dimensions.

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, Jun 17, 2014.

Hurwitz and Associates is less famous than Gartner and Forrester, but it is a respectable group of analysts who also cover Analytics space.

Its latest report, named The Hurwitz Victory Index Report for Advanced Analytics examines the top trends for end users and analyzes 10 vendors across four dimensions: vision, viability, validity and value.

The report is based on a survey of over 400 advanced analytics users conducted in Q1 2014.

The Hurwitz Victory Index Report for Advanced Analytics

Victors in
  • Go to Market Strength: IBM, SAS, SAP, Pegasystems, and Angoss
  • Customer Experience Strength: SAS, IBM, StatSoft, SAP, and Angoss

  • Go to Market Strength: StatSoft, Revolution Analytics, RapidMiner, and Megaputer
  • Customer Experience Strength: Megaputer and RapidMiner

Challengers (strong contenders for Leader status)
  • Go to Market Strength: Predixion
  • Customer Experience Strength: Predixion

Among key Study Findings:
  • Most users are happy with their current analytics platform - 60% rate their vendors' breadth and depth of statistical functionality as excellent.
  • Customers have a growing expectation that business users can access insights from analytics without the help of a data scientist or statistician. Vendors are creating more business friendly offerings, however, there is still work to be done - only 45% of respondents rated their analytics platform as excellent for business users, while nearly 60% rated it excellent for data scientists and statisticians.
  • There is explosive growth of the use of the programing language R, and users are having great success with its capabilities. While R is becoming pervasive within organizations and in academia, it is still viewed as a tool for data scientists and statisticians.

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Hurwitz & Associates is a strategy consulting, market research, and analyst firm that focuses on how technology solutions solve real world customer problems.