ICON Challenge on Forecasting and Scheduling

ICON is a combined competition with both a machine learning component (predicting energy prices) and an scheduling component (using the predicted prices to schedule tasks on machines).

Forecasting and Scheduling ICON Challenge on Forecasting and Scheduling

The FP7/FET project ICON present the first competition on optimising energy use in data-centres by predicting time variable electricity prices and scheduling tasks in the data-centre to exploit the changes in pricing. The competition will consist of multiple strands, offering chances to participate even if you are interested in only one of the two major topics, scheduling or forecasting.

The competition will open to entries on June 9th, and will end with a workshop at the CP 2014 conference in Lyon (September 8th to 12th, 2014), where results will be presented. All data and formal description is available on the challenge website as well, so participation to either workshop is not mandatory to compete in the challenge.



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